One change, Bree in for Elmahamody.


A clean sheet would be great. An early goal to settle the nerves would be nice. I'm not greedy.

Please don't put us on a rollercoaster.


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If we continue to sit deep it will come back to bite us in the bum.

We need a goal!

Well we made it to Wembley. If Birmingham can beat Fulham when they need to win to go up, surely we can do the same can't we?

Grealish should love Wembley. I would love us to play on the front foot and batter them, but I guess that is not Bruce's way and I have never got a team promoted.

No complaints from me, we are where we need to be.

Job done.

Snuffed them out and hit them on the break.

Should of scored 1 and Sam was lucky to stay on with that out the box handball. Still think we could of played them another 90mins and they wouldn' t of scored, expected them to hit us hard but we were very comfy. 

Agree with you regards having to go hard at Fulham like blues did.

It will be a loss if we play negative defensive football.

I think Bruce knows that after what he said after losing to them away with defencive tactics.

Time to enjoy it and the build up.

Even the negative fans on here must be thrilled the way Bruce killed off pulis and his team with tactics, team selection, silly me we didn' win 3:0.



Good news for everyone on here, unless we get absolutely humiliated 4 or 5 nil at Wembley, Bruce WILL be the boss next season be it in the Premier league or not.

So what do you want more, Bruce out or Premier League football?

He is not my favourite, but we need stability, constantly changing manager is what caused the slide to the Championship in the first place. So get behind the team and hopefully we can achieve our goal.

I think my sarcasm was wasted on you th ere m8.

I think and agree Bruce will and should be in charge next season regardless of what league we are in.

My point was the people who want him out just don' get he has steaded a ship heading for yet more rough seas.

Not at all Brissie, I knew exactly what you meant. I wonder if others do? My post was for the tool!

Justice done. Pulis produces solid teams, but Middlesbrough look even more toothless than we do at times. As Pulis (fair play) said afterwards, the teams in 3rd and 4th are there because they're better than the teams below them.

I don't fear Fulham. We have a decent chance of beating them. Wembley is bigger than their tiny little ground.



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