Player makes clear his Sunderland transfer intentions, and wants foreign imports stopped

Emanuele Giaccherini has once again spoken of his desire to remain in Italy, and not go back to parent club Sunderland. Giaccherini has never tried to make a secret of what he wants, and it would be a huge surprise to see him return to England without making a huge fuss.

Speaking to Corriere della Sera, Giaccherini explained: "I want and hope to stay in Bologna: it is here that I got back to a certain level."

That level has been enough to impress Antonio Conte, a long time fan of Giaccherini, and find the player a place in Italy's squad. Such is the way Giaccherini sees Italy's chances at Euro 2016, he was happy to compare the possibility of them winning the tournament to what Leicester City achieved this year.

Giaccherini, who will have moved to English football largely for the financial benefits, told Corriere della Sera that foreign imports have ruined Italy's chances, and the country needs to do something to stop the influx. Without a hint of self awareness, the Sunderland player said:"Italy has always churned out so many young people, but foreigners are cheaper."

Those blasted foreigners, going to other football leagues to earn more money. 

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