this article is in response to some of the things i have heard and read about the 'rubbishness' of the likes of bebe, obertan etc


No the concept i want to put forward is rubbished by fans but imo is true, that concept is 'bottle'  or nerves, confidence what ever way you want to put it


Having read many autobiographies and biographies and general books about football in general and united inparticular i have often read of players who were physically sick on coming out at Old Trafford.  On the flip side i have read players who left united and never recaptured their form as it was a 'step down' even at another top club


Now people tend to think that the money they earn etc should help them overcome this, but its an involuntary reaction


The story is that obertan wanted to leave UTD because of the pressure, and as fans and wums and abus like to remind us bebe was on the streets not long  ago


Us fans should be supporting these guys, but instead we join in the slating of these players.  I hope bebe does go to besiktas and the 'easing' of pressure/nerves helps him to achieve.  He may never come back to united but i still think his story is incredible so good luck to him.  same with obertan and any other utd player


do you think we are fair to these guys?

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Well said.

"Now people tend to think that the money they earn etc should help them overcome this,"

These people are bitter idiots. The number of times I've heard people say stuff like 'oh this tiredness argument is ridiculous... they get paid 100K a week - they should be able to play every day!"


You know what they say, don't let the truth get in the way of a good rant.

Im sorry but if they agree to sign for a club for a said transfer fee and certain wages, then they should be judged as such.

No they shouldn't. If you believe all players have a price tag which accurately reveals their ability you are very naive. This is why they are called 'transfer fees', not 'player valuations'. It's a monetary amount based on the relative worth to the club he is leaving, the club he is joining, marketability and the interest of other clubs, as well as other factors. Also, a player very rarely decides how much he is worth - this is decided by agents and club officials based on the myriad factors I mentioned.


Slightly confused because although you replied to my comment, you didn't really address what I said. I specified people who say that players earning 100k a week shouldn't suffer from things us mere mortals do, like tiredness, fatigue etc. If you are actually suggesting that a wage should dictate how much football someone can play without their performances suffering... well let's hope your not suggesting that anyway.

Even as a fan the hair on the back of my neck stands up when the team runs out at OT and I've lost count of the games I've attended. I still get a bit jittery watching big games on the TV as well.

I can only imagine players endure a greatly amplified experience of this nature and it must take some getting used to. Some will thrive in it others will wilt.


Having said that though, surely the club and the players themselves should be developing their mentality and approach to overcome such effects. A player can't play for United successfully without coming to terms with such things.


Bebe is a special case, probably never played infront of 5,000 fans or mixed with world renowned players, some living legends, before last summer. He faced and still faces such a steep learning curve and what most may consider an overwhelming transition in his life. To me, all negativity towards him is grossly misguided and incredibly unfair.

No, footballers are individuals and should be treated as such. This is how you get the best out of them. Something the top managers like Fergie are thankfully aware of. It's that kind of attitude which means players of skill in England are neglected just because they can't handle physical games at a young age. Neanderthal philosophy.

Foreign players who come to the PL generally fare much better if they can speak English. Does this mean you would treat a player who can speak English and one who cannot exactly the same? Not if you have any sense.

Ditto, very well said.


Good luck to Bebe, his story is amazing and whilst he hasnt made the 1st team on a regular basis, he has won in life and any footy fan would love to have come so close to playing for their 1st team.


I hope he goes on to have a long career in football.


Its not just about Bebe and Obertan though.  I have read of high profikle players comfortably playing for other teams coming to united and freezing for want of a better word. 


TBF to Obertan if rumours are true he said it was too much, as did Ben Foster.  Who knows maybe Bebe did too


I think transition to a team like UTD is hard at the best of times but for these guys???


TBH when i read about the 'professionalism' at UTD, in that when a match is over forget celebrations move onto th enext one etc, it makes me often think where is the 'fun' in that.  I accept there has to be a certain degree of high level professionalism but too much?


If you think about it you could argue that the state greats like Best and Gazza found themselves in was due to 'not coping' or 'pressure'

I think you make a good point.  At the end of the day, footballers are human beings.


My job used to involve giving presentations.  Normally the presentations were to a maximum of 20 or 30 people. Initially I was almost sick with nerves, but eventually got used to it, became good at public speaking and even enjoyed the experience.  Then one day I had to give a presentation to 500 people.  Words can't describe how I felt.  It was my job and I was well paid for it - obviously not on the scale of footballers salaries, but well above the national average.


btw I am getting tired of Stretty shouting down everbody who puts forward an alternate view to himself. 

Yes he can be annoying. Don't follow Nolhman on Twitter anyway, unless you want to be subjected to this sort of crap: " Your a stupid slapper and you are a talentless hoe. Your everything wrong with society. SCUM!!!!"



Don't start me off about nolhman!!!
Hahahaha. That's brilliant. He didn't articulate it very well but he does have a point.
I think it's ironic that somebody shouting abuse through an internet forum can accuse somebody of being "everything wrong with society".



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