Evening fellow reds,

Although I still have a shred of optimism about Sunday it looks ever the more likely we will finish the season trophy less. We could finish 2nd with a points total never reached by a runner-up and did so without significant long term absentees Vidic and Fletcher. The end of another PL season means the start of another summer transfer window, its fair to say we know the target of this summer's 'saga' too.

The transfer rumours, rehashing of rumours and blatantly making sh*t up has been ramped up a notch or two in the last couple of weeks. The transfer window is nearly upon us folks and before we start arguing which players we need, first we need to argue which positions need strengthening!

Sir Alex confirmed the old guard will remain next year although our beloved Berba may go if somebody will stump up the cash (at a guess £5-10Mil?). There will also a few sent out on loan, mostly youngsters but most notably Fabio (our only back-up LB). So it's safe to say a LB is needed. CM is a position we all have agreed needed addressing, even if we disagree on whether they should be a more attacking CM or defensive CM. Personally I think we need 2 CMs of either discipline with (listen up, this is important) Champions League experience. With Owen and Berba gone, another striker?

So, one left-back, two central midfielders and a striker and if Sir Alex wants to win the Champs Lge before he takes his final bow they all need to be top class.

Come on then Malcolm, show us the money!

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Don't you know our youngsters are good enough? This is Andersons breakthrough year, Cleverley can be a the best CM in the country (according to the boss), Carrick is amazing, Fletcher back will be like a new signing, Scholes still has it in him, Giggs can cover the position. We are completely sorted out in the CM position. Don't you know our boss can do no wrong. He never commits mistakes. We don't need playmakers. Our wingers are our playmakers. Man United never spend big on superstars. We make our superstars. Ows academy is the best in the world. Wazza is the best in the world. Welbeck can be as good as Henry, Pogba will stay. Morrison will also stay. He is just on loan at west ham. How dare anybody criticize the club and boss. We should be happy we have won So much without financial backing. Glazers are good. If you ever criticize the club you are a gloryhunter. We should get rid of such fans. If anybody our of UnitedRedMacca, ManUniteDaredevil, RedBlackandWhiteside,have read this please respond.



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