Sorry if this has already been posted, but I can't find an article about it.


To all football fans no matter who you support, please sign the petition below for the government to release the papers relating to the Hillsborough tragedy.


After entering your details, you will be sent an email.  You need to respond to this in order for your signature to be registered.


Please take this opportunity to demonstrate what decent human beings we have on this forum.

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Only 16 views.... hope anyone who hasn't already sees this and signs.  JFT96
Can't help since I don't reside in the UK (wouldn't let me sign) but maybe posting it in the Liverpool Board?
I deliberately didn't put this on the Liverpool board as I wanted supporters of other teams to see it.  The 100,000 has been exceeded. Let's hope that the discussions will be made available now.
This isn't just a Liverpool issue, it is a human life issue!

Ive signed a few epetitions (not this one) and before anyone gets carried away with reaching the 100,000 mark it only enables the question to be considered for discussion on the floor of parliament.If the committee decides yes then its forward to the windbag tunnel where every "local" mp can show how much they "care" about whatever petition is being discussed.The whole thing is a gimmick by this right wing coalition who are pushing ahead to cut police numbers and other public services.As regards this issue the government will only back down if its politic to do so and 100,000 scousers/others names wont matter one jot if the tories calculate that its better to leave the file closed. 





So much for the reality of e-petitions.Lamppost then?
Right lets begin.First are any of the parliamentary procedures Ive mentioned wrong? Second I deal in "real politic" as do the right wing coalition and if it doesnt suit them politically to release it it wont happen.Frankly it wouldnt matter if more martians than scousers signed the petition in this case.Ive had a great deal of experience in the labour and trade union movement for 30yrs so know what Im talking about.Finally is the post insensitive? Its posted on the general board and so open to comment and opinion.If your friend had posted it on the scouse board I would have made no comment.I very rarely post comments on other teams boards and I dont wum on here.
Not at all RBW I aint no blairite and Im only commenting on the issue as it is now.My critique would apply to any government because thats how they work.Reading the papers there are some cynics who believe because it happened under a thatcher administration then nothing will come out that could harm her while shes alive.My definition of a cynic is an informed optimist by the way but lets wait and see how "real politic" pans out.
You may be right about protecting the SY Police but post riot statements from cameron kicking the coppers,ever so gently of course,leads me to veer towards naked political self interest.As for signing the petition I signed the ones against the death penalty and the one to renationalise the railways and as this one has reached its threshold it doesnt need any more signatures.
I signed it last week. Can't do any harm.
The Government has said it will release the documents. You'll have got an email if you signed it.



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