Not knocking Sunderland's record they have done really well and deserve to stay up. But I see AFC Wimbledon were deducted three points today for playing an ineligible player.

Where is the consistency?

Local FA'S deduct points and I was under the impression that the FA Rules are fact.

I guess in this case there must be some small print?

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Difference is Sunderland are in the Premier League. Don't want to do anything that affects the brand.

When did Sunderland break the rules?

They played someone without clearance in four PL games earlier this season. Don't know anything about the Wimbledon situation but it certainly smacks of double standards.

I still dislike West Ham because of how they got away with the Carlos Tevez affair.
Most unbalanced brand going is that of the prem!
Teams break every rule going with spending,internal sponserships but the prem looks after them!
Only 6 are wanted by the broadcasters and that's fine by the prem!
The devil looks after his own and all that!



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