2 of the best poker sites on the net, Stars and FTP, have been taken down in the U.S!


Sob sob.


American poker players are terrible anyway. Almost as bad as the French.


Unlucky Yanks. Can't play Home Games or Rush Poker. That's what you get when you elect chumps into Office.


Britain, BE AWARE!!!!

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I'm sitting here playing on Full Tilt as we speak. :)

Yeahhhh FTP is fine for us, it's just the Yankiedoodles who can't access it anymore, much like PKR.


I almost feel sorry for them.


And Stars for that matter.

Full Tilt is the only one I play on as I think it's the best by far. Not a big fan of Poker Stars. I haven't tried PKR though.

Only time i play FTP is for the UK+Ireland freeroll, and seen as that takes about 5-6 hours for $15 i rarely go on.


PKR is where it's at these days. Although with it's 3D engine it would be impossible to have a game like RushPoker.

Only played the UK freeroll a few times but I managed to finish 6th out of around 2400 people which I was incredibly pleased with even if it was only for a few dollars. :)



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