Portuguese newspaper says Ronaldo has a pact with Ferguson to rejoin Manchester United

The Cristiano Ronaldo to Manchester Untied rumours have resurfaced again and there are so many different angles that it's hard to keep up. The Sun today say that Manchester Untied would send David de Gea and Nani to the La Liga club along with around £60m. You could pick any variation on that, twist it a bit, and it's sure to end up in the media at some point.

We've found something in Portugal which sounds a little different and may give hope - albeit probably false - to those Manchester United fans who would like nothing more than seeing Ronaldo return to the club. Record is arguably Portugal's largest daily football newspaper and one of their more senior journalists, João Rui Rodrigues, reckons a return is possible.

'Ronaldo can go back where he was already happy, to Manchester United. At the time that the player agreed to transfer the meringues (Real Madrid), Alex Ferguson established a pact with the Portuguese, who, if he decided to leave Madrid in the future, would always contact the Scot, so as to give him the possibility of matching a proposal. Ronaldo is ready to accept and even welcomes a possible return to Manchester, where he always felt "highly protected" by the coach of the Red Devils.'

That little snippet sounds highly intriguing for Manchester United and not entirely unbelievable. Transfer moves don't always work out and if Ronaldo had flopped at Real Madrid a return would have made sense. However, his huge success has made him almost impossible to afford for every club on the planet. The only way it's likely to happen is if the player demands a transfer publicly.

Real Madrid have their presidential elections in 2013 and Florentino Perez would find it hard to convince supporters that selling Ronaldo was a good move. The only chink of light is if the player made himself public enemy number one at the club and Jose Mourinho looks destined for that title. 

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