I saw this posted on the 606 board but thought I'd post it on here away from the wind-ups and 'GH out clan' to see what some real football fans think


Nice to see some positive journalism about the club and manager for a change. Also interesting to hear about the training methods. i realy have no sympathy with those players who mutinied before Christmas and even less for those who still haven't made the effort (Ireland, Warnock)

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It's nice to see a journalist write an interesting and balanced article for once. 

IMO the way MON left just days before the season, having sold our best player this was always going to be a difficult year.

GH has got us playing some decent football and hopefully results will soon follow.  Obviously the first objective is to move away from the relegation zone, but if Houllier can also use the rest of the season to assess which players fit his philosophy.  He can then clear out those who can't in the summer and fill any gaps with some quality signings.  

If he gets this right; hopefully we will then come back stronger next season, with a realistic chance of winning things or getting into the CL rather than petering out and settling for 6th!

Precisely how I feel, I really can't see us having problems again next season if we sort out the deadwood. The amount of chances we create is frightening for the opposition. Next season could be a good one!



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