Publisher of naked photos involving Real Madrid star freed from prison

Attounissia newspaper boss, Nasreddine Ben Saida, has been released from prison by a Tunisian court.

He had been arrested on February 15th for publishing photos of Sami Khedira with his hands over the breasts of his girlfriend Lena Gercke.

A trial has been scheduled for March 9th and the publisher could face five years in prison if found guilty of the indecency charges.

Khedira himself, whose father is Tunisian, is not impressed by the furore, caused by photos originally published in the German edition of GQ "I heard about the matter and find it very, very sad and unfortunate that such a thing has happened. I respect the different religions that exist and also the faith that people have. But I can not understand that people may not express themselves freely."

The prospect of a trial and sentence for Ben Saida has split many in Tunisia with human rights activists and prominent journalists seeing the whole situation as a farce.

Regardless of that a trial will commence in March and a prison sentence is a real possibility. 

You can find the original story about the GQ photo shoot here.

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