Can any of you help? I'm quite confused about te US tour dates.
Our next match is the 21st kicks off at half 1, now is that Saturday morning, or Sunday morning?

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Sunday morning, so just after midnight on Saturday.... next week we can look at the alphabet if you want ;)

it confused me too. after the alphabet, can we look at prime numbers? They are a right head wreck. 

2,3,5,7,11,13,17,23,29 oh they go on forever

yeah, the forever part is what gets me confused. 

Oy!  Why has poor old 19 been forgotten?

"Oy!  Why has poor old 19 been forgotten?"


Haha, it just really confused me as the date changes at 12am.
I'm okay with the alphabet, vowels may be a decent start though
Surely the date changes at 12pm?
After 12pm is afternoon! Lol
Dear me I'm sticking with 24hr clock from now on.

Unless we all use the 24-hour system, it is pretty confusing!  Check out this link, though:-



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