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First race weekend of the season, i'm very excited!


So excited i am humming 'The Chain', after i've wrote this article i'll be playing my F1 2010 in my Virgin Racing car beating the likes of Vettel and Alonso!


But anyway, back to reality!



After doom and gloom in Winter testing and pessimistic predictions, McLaren were 1 and 2 in 2nd practice!


Button posted a time of 1:25:852 with Hamilton 0.132 seconds slower.


So who are we having for Pole and race winner tomorrow? I think first race of the season, anything could happen.


I'm going for Button on pole with a Webber race win!


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Practice means nothing.


I'll go for Button to get pole, Vettel to get 2nd, Hamilton to get 3rd and as for race winner, well I'll let you know after qualifying. :)

Still thnk Red Bull are going to grab pole, with McLaren perhaps thaking the other spot on the front row.


Can't wait!!!

It's on so bloody early though. :(

Hmm interesting. I'll add that the threads may contain spoilers with the qualifying and race being shown twice.Hate getting up and seeing the result plastered everywhere and spoiling it without warning.


I'll be up though. I'm a trooper! Just need alot of coke and sugar.....

trust SW to find a sordid picture
Kers is back. No idea why.team orders are back. Alonso couldnt keep a straight face when being asked about it. One thing that isnt back which i am ecstatic about is jonathan legard. Worst commentator in history. But i cant see brundle- coulthard working
Coulthard not doing dtm? They must have got fed up of the clown crashing every race...
Hispania so slow they shouldnt even be allowed to race
Seems RB can easily put in a fast lap whilst hamilton and alonso fight for it. Will be surprised if it isnt RB one 2, hamilton 3rd, button 4th, alonso 5th, kobayashi 6th, petrov 7th, massa 8th.

Bloody hell Jimmy, I bet you're knackered. 

That was some drive by Vettel in Q3. Absolutely brilliant. Hamilton did really well to get 2nd.


Can't wait until the start of the race tomorrow. Hopefully Hamilton will manage to sneak in ahead of Vettel at the first corner.

I have a bodyclock set to LA time so it doesn't really bother me :)



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