1-3) Don't think there will be much overtaking in these corners. Fairly easy to defend and very narrow.

4-5) Battle of the KERS, may see one or 2 passes here.

6) Again fairly easy to defend.

7-8) High speed corners. Little or no overtaking.

9) All about braking, may see one or 2 passes.

10) No chance of passing on 10.

11) May see some overtaking on the outside to make it stick through 12 and 13.

12-13) No overtaking.

The majority of the overtaking will be taking place on the longest straight in the F1 calendar.

14) Very slow corner, may see some re-overtakes.

15) No overtaking.

16) A fairly fast corner, will be surprised if there are any passes here.


This will not be an RB one two. This will be a McLaren one 2 i think. The long straight is really going to hurt the KERSless RBs.



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That track sort of looks like someone skiing whilst pregnant!

Good spot. :)


What time do I have to get up for this Sunday then? Anyone know?

8am with the looks of it...




You can use this site for all sports but for some reason, it does not list ITV...???

HAHAHAHAHAHA very good, it does!
Forgot to add the novelty youtube clip ;)

Thought the qually was interesting. Poor old Mark Webber! I reckon it's not going to be a RB 1-2 either! ;)


Vettlel and the car look too good. Nice to see JB qualify well again. I think the start with the young fellas in the top 10 will be interesting to say the least...

Don't know where Vettel gets the speed from without KERS.
Well done Lewis.  Now shave those sideys off.

Absolutely brilliant race today and an excellent drive by Hamilton. I was going absolutely nuts in front of the TV roaring him on. It took my mind of yesterday for a couple of hours at least.


Webber did brilliantly to get a podium finish.

Webber drive of the day imho.
I'd probably give it to him as well but only just.



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