We will see alot of overtaking in corners 1 and 2, 3 is pretty much a curve on a straight; 4 is slow and easy to defend; 5 through 8 are fast corners; 9 is easy to defend;10,11,12 are pretty fast, slowing down by 13 to turn by turn 14 which will be easy to defend, might see some overtaking on the long straight upto turn 15.












Ian Fergusson
Dry conditions will continue into Free Practice 2. Saturday's shower potential remains 45%, but higher post-quali. Race day still >80%.

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Not such an early start for the Grand Prix this week thank God. I'll get some sleep beforehand this time.
What are the timings?

Coverage starts at 8 and race starts at 9 on Sunday.


Will make no promises or predos until I see what happens in the qually. That is all.


I'm busy on Sunday, so I have a feeling this will be another 'record and watch later' race. Hate that.

Given the number of fast corners and 2 long straights I can only see a RB 1-2 barring mechanical/engine failure.
That's far too early for me on a weekend, although i will probably be watching the boxing from 2am to 5am. Might have to skip sleep.
Can't believe the fucking Beeb aren't replaying the qualifying.
The BBC should be thankful for their lives that it is on iPlayer.

Completely forgot about it. <doh>


Ferrari still rubbish, Mercedes worse. RB and McLarens really in the mixer. I wonder if Lewis could manage the win tomorrow? Money still on Red Bull for me.  

Time for bed. Hopefully there'll be some more people other than myself up watching the Grand Prix at 9. :)
I might skip sleep, from 5am to 9am i can stay awake as long as i can find some entertainment in the mean time.



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