So the F1 Circus has returned to Europe, and not before time.


We shall get to see if the teams have used these last few weeks wisely and well in order to sort out their performance issues, with various teams desperate for better results to re-start their challenge.


Qually is at 1200 on Saturday

Race goes off at 1300 on Sunday


Last year's race will be remembered for the spectacular collision between the two Red Bull cars which allowed Lewis Hamilton to take the chequered flag, with Button just behind him.


Not going to make any predictions until I see the qually.


Here's a quick trip round the circuit



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I don't think I'll get so see the race this weekend because I'm going to the game. I doubt anywhere will be showing it anyway because of the football.


I heard Vettel crashed in practice today but it wasn't serious.

I think for a change I will be able to watch it live - I'm usually having to record it and watch it at night!


Heard about Vettel too - he wasn't able to get back out, for the second session either.


Button & Hamilton and Button were fast, as were the two Mercedes. I'm expecting better from both them and the Ferraris, or this will be a 4-horse race.

Hoping for a Hamilton/Button 1/2 but the red bulls are so fast in Turkey. Anyone know the weather forecast for the race? Could be a big factor.

Today is a beautiful sunny, if obviously windy day. Forecast for tomorrow is more of the same, with a high of 18. Spring!


I wonder how the tyres will hold up this week, that's my favourite story of this year thus far.

Well qualifying is in the books, and it's another pole for Seb Vettel, who dusted the rest of the field, unsurprisingly given what we've seen from Red Bull this year. Nice result for Nico in the Mercedes, they seem to have spent their time over the last few weeks wisely, but of course we'll see tomorrow. Alonso 5th as he always is these days, and Massa nowhere, not great for McLaren.


1. Vettel

2. Webber

3. Rosberg

4. Hamilton

5. Alonso

6. Button

7. Petrov

8. Schumacher 

9. Heidfeld

10. Massa


Predictions? Well, barring a mechanical, I expect RB to be on the podium, and probably at least one of the McLarens. As for the other step, would like it if Mercedes could get it.

Anybody else enjoying Alonso's fall from grace?

Hopefully it should be a good race tomorrow can se a Red Bull 1/2 unless we have a repeat of last year ;p



I'm a Ferrari boy from way back. I know no one else is though, so feel free to batter Alonso as much as you like. ;)


Based on some of those corners, we could have some shunts, there were a few guys who looked as if they might take off!



1. Vettel (who else)

2. Webber (grabs second late on)

3. Alonso (nice podium for Ferrari)

4. Hamilton (won't be happy with that) 

5. Rosberg (better from Mercedes, but he had no pace on the hard tyres)

6. Button (Not so good)

7. Heidfeld (OK for Renault, solid drives)

8. Petrov (grabbed it late)

9. Buemi (solid)

10. Kobayashi (from last on the grid, great drive)


Enjoyable Grand Prix. Great race for second place on down. Vettel still uncatchable, really. Could be a long hot summer for some of the other teams.


Happiest today (other than RB) will be Ferrari, looks like they are finally coming into some decent form. Good!

Yep, so far so good for this campaign, I'm enjoying the tech stuff. Glad to hear that they are thinking of bringing back in-season testing, yet another daft rule that needs changing.



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