Rafael Benitez says he regrets leaving Liverpool before the new owners arrived

Former Liverpool manager Rafael Benitez has told FIFA.com that he regrets leaving the club and that the owners at the time couldn't see the progress him and his team were making and weren't able to help him make that final step to challenge for honours. 

When asked outright if he has regrets about leaving the club before new owners took over, he's clear "Yes, obviously with the money they have spent and the squad that we had, we could have been even better."

Roy Hodgson took over when the Spaniard left but didn't last long and was followed by Kenny Dalglish who, after a good start, is receiving much criticism for the league performance of his side. However, Benitez is happy that the club went for Dalglish and can't help but still refer to Liverpool as 'we', "At that time we wanted to bring in someone who could understand the history of the club and what the club means to the fans, because we didn’t have it from the owners.

"Bringing Kenny back was a good option for us to be stronger as a club and a unit. I had to go, but I think it was fine because when they had some problems, Kenny could improve the things that they were doing."

The majority of Liverpool fans are still very fond of Benitez both for his work on and off the pitch, if he is hanging around to see if his former job becomes available then, although they'd be sad to see Dalglish go, getting another former hero back would soften the blow. 

Benitez isn't sure that Dalglish can reach the heights he did himself at Anfield and told FIFA "It depends if he has the support of the owners. They have spent a lot of money but can they continue spending big money? I don’t know.

"But if you want to challenge against United, Chelsea, Arsenal, Manchester City and Tottenham, you have to have a very good plan and keep spending some money wisely."

Having been out of management since leaving Inter Milan, a post which didn't work out well for him, Rafael Benitez is keen to take on a new project. He wants to build something long term for a club but told FIFA that he and his team have been successful short term as well, it sounded like something of a sales-pitch as he said "I went to Extremadura and we were promoted in the first year. Tenerife, we were promoted in the first year. At Valencia we won the league title after 31 years, and Liverpool won the Champions League after 21 years. And then we went to Inter and won two trophies in six months. So we don’t have any problem managing short-term projects.

"But, ideally, we believe that long-term projects are much better for the stability of the club and at the same time we have the expertise to do it because we have been at different clubs at different levels. Also my staff are good so I think that we have enough experience and knowledge to manage and try to find this club."

You can read the full interview and another from Benitez talking about his website and how he analyses football on FIFA.com

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In other words.... Please Sir can I have my job back, these are the only fans that love me... excuse me one moment... 3 medium rare and one well done to table 5..... sorry where was i? 

I don't want Dalglish to go he deserves another season and we need to be patient. If he was to go then I wouldn't be against Rafa coming back.

All speculation I suppose, if Dalglish can get the FA Cup then he won't be going anywhere.

I think he deserves another season too... for different funnier reasons...

Can't wait until he makes a huge blunder and refuses to admit he's fecked uo again...

And he will lol

Fat Spanish waiter 

Not heard that one before, nice one.



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