If to be believed.

Has done a lot for the club, but think time to go.

200m quoted yikes.


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Do you believe it? The figure quoted is £200M. At that he takes a sizeable loss. He'd need to get that figure AND get the buyer to pay off what he's loaned to the club to make any sort of profit.

I can't see why he'd sell. He doesn't need the money. I think he gets pleasure out of owning and following the club, even though he does it from afar. If the current project works out, would he want somebody else to get the rewards after he's put in the effort?

where has that come from?

I do not believe that he will sell he has too much in the club to sell anytime soon.

This summer is the key to where we are going or not going.

We finally lose all the crap O'Neill saddled us with (with a little help from that Scots bloke).

Lambert acknowledges that we need a 'No 10' or maybe more than one.

Okore will be back and we need that because Clarke and Baker are at best squad players, they are in bits when Vlaar doesn't play.

He also sees that fullback is a problem and maybe we can keep Bertrand.

He has tinkered each time the window opens and this will be the first when he is not restricted by players on the wage bill who give FA to the club.

This summer is the real indicator of what is going on, we have had the years of sorting out, now is the time to move on.

If there is a plan, it will become clearer this summer, let's see where that takes us

Randy started off doing a great job and pumped a lot of money into the club for players and the training ground. However in the last 3 years it has gone downhill to bring in Mcleish was a mental decision. Since Lambert has come in the whole squad has been changed and all the big earners have been moved on.

So if Randy is still here in the summer  he has to give a good amount of money to be spent on players and stop this thing of buying players for under 2 mill.

If Lerner does sell and we get an owner in who can spend big like the Man City owners I would be obviously very happy the chances of that happening are very small. As long as we don't get an owner who interferes with the squad but can put in money to at least  be comfortable in the league in the top 10 I will be ok with that.

I do want a new owner to come in and have big ambitions because I want my club to be successful Randy has had his turn and seems tired of the whole thing if he has to go and that means a new man to come in and try push us on I am fine with that. 

Yep McLeish was dire!!! I think Houllier's illness threw the club a bit; if he hadn't been ill I think he'd have stayed and would have been backed. The sort-out would have happened sooner, Collins & co would have been shifted, and Houllier would have brought in Cabaye and others. Not getting Martinez as a replacement threw the club some more, as did the outcry at the McClaren suggestion (actually he could have been a good choice, except the fans might not have given him the chance). So, McLeish in desperation. At least Randy realised his mistake and wasn't slow to ditch him.

As I said above, I don't think Randy has lost interest, and I'd be surprised if he was interested in selling. I think he thinks that this route is the best for Villa long term.

Randy's not a fool. He knows the club will need investment in the longer term; if we're successful then it needs that just to keep hold of manager and players. Paring back costs as far as is reasonable now, should make it easier to find the money to invest in future. In theory.

I  think we've seen the end of cheapo bulk buys of players. We've enough to keep those who develop and shift on those who don't. What we need now is selected quality players. In the summer? Hopefully.

Please stop with Houllier ifs and buts. please, its ridiculous.

At least the other managers are judged on what actually happened, not on what may have happened.and we still have earners on our books. Most notably Hutton, Bent and Given. 

It's our history. You can't look back at McLeish and not contemplate why it happened.

I hope Randy stays and sorts things out as yes it's gone stale but he is the type of owner that is good for us and football,not like all these new attention seeking ,get rich quick fools that have killed and are killing other clubs up and down the country,blues ,Leeds,Fulham,Cardiff to name a few!
Yes he has made big,big miss guided foolish mistakes in buying average players for silly money to keep a manager happy,and appointed a man that should never of even been mentioned let alone employed but he has done wonders with villas none football venture like charity donations and up grades to listed buildings!
He has turned bodymoor Heath into a top class training facility and has never ever tried to interfear with managers and playing matters!
Even mccleish was given a full season to have a go!
All Mr learner needs to do is get himself a man to run the football side of things from the cost of wages to knowing targets and their true value,a man to attend games in his absents who knows what the fans want and feel their feed back!
A man who understands the coach and can work with him to help get us back on an even keel,a man who can talk to the press and take the pressure of the coach!
Yes investment is needed Randy but most fans can see what you are trying to achieve,and it is happening slowly!
We don't have a bad team or coach,just a few quality players are needed this summer,not pound land players and watch us go!
I don't believe this rubbish that you have had enough but feel that you have been at times sick of seeing it go wrong,like a true fan does!
I have been negative towards your silence and strange choices but believe you are the man for villa,but you need guidance,and Mr Faulkner and Mr lambert arn't the men to guid you, Mr Houllier would of been ideal with his vast knowledge and respect but again,your inside advisors let that one go,,,,yet again proving this is what's wrong with our club ,,not you sir!

I was concerned when I read this, until I tried to find the article and saw that it came from the Mirror...and James Nursey. Yawn. Poisonous snake.

BBC web site:

Aston Villa distance themselves from reports claiming owner Randy Lerner is looking to sell the club. It has been suggested that Lerner is looking to recoup a figure of around £200m for the club he bought in 2006 for £62.6m. The American has spent £250m on players and upgrading facilities.

But quoted in the Express and Star, chief executive Paul Falkner says: "I can categorically confirm Aston Villa Football Club has absolutely not been put up for sale and that Randy Lerner is not actively looking to sell the club."

I like the way the word 'actively' is placed in that sentence.
It suggests if someone came along with the right offer he'd consider it. Don't you think?

Well yeah but that's the case with everything, surely? I'm not actively looking to sell my car but if someone offered me £50,000 for it I'd sell it them. I think the only owners that wouldn't do that are those that became an owner due to being a fan of the club. 



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