If to be believed.

Has done a lot for the club, but think time to go.

200m quoted yikes.


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Yes. But what I mean is, the word did not need to be in the statement . It would of read just fine without it.

Villan0u5, I have a nice car, I'm not actively looking to sell it...

I don't want him to sell. And I hope don't.

To all those that want Randy/Falkener and Lambert out, you may like to know that it is reported that Villa are to open contract talks with Lambert, as he only has 18 months left on his existing contract.

So you could say nothing is changing anytime soon.

We should feel blessed that we have an owner like Randy rather than Mike Ashley who appointed Joe Kinnear as Director of something or other, who failed to attract one player during 8 months in position.

Where do you get a job like that? Do nothing for 8 months and get PAID - I want a job like that.

A politician!

Looks like Swansea are the latest club to sack the manager in a panic. Crazy!!! Laudrup is a good manager, got Swans their first series trophy, has them in the knock-out stage of the Europa Cup, still in the FA Cup, 12th in the PL, and all on a small squad with latest season's main scorer out long-time injured. Just had a look at their recent results; they haven't done badly in a tough sequence of matches, with the only loss to a club they might expect to beat was last week's against West Ham. They have the local Derby against Cardiff coming up on Saturday.

Totally, totally crazy!!!  What on earth does the Swans owner want? Full marks to Lerner for backing Lambert over time.

He was always talking about walking out on them,as if he was to big for the club ,so in fairness to Swansea ,they never knew what his future plans were so he had go!
Shame really as it seems a well run club but if he wasn't committing,then good for the club,hope they get a guy who wants the job and can continue taking them onwards!

i wonder who they will get, could do worse than AVB. but whether he could get a squad to trust him nowadays, let alone a board and a set of fans - who knows

On the contrary he did commit to them. When he was linked with other bigger clubs he said he had a contract and would stick to the contract, whatever. He extended his contract from this summer to next. Yep next summer he would probably have moved on. But that hasn't worried Swansea in the past; Martinez and Rogers leaving was almost a non-event.

I suspect he has his views on how to do things, and the chairman likes the manager to do things his way, and the two don't coincide. Personally I reckon that if you appoint a manager you give that manager leeway, so long as its broadly in line with where the club wants to go.

The fact of modern Premier league football is that you are either sponsored by a wealthy man/company/nation like ManC or Chealski  or you build to a plan. One other group exists and that is the clubs that believe they can buy success without any thought to how it is to be funded or sustained.

In the absence of UAE ruler or Russian Billionaire taking over and interfering in the playing side I am happy that we have an owner who is backing his manager and working to a mutually agreed plan that they all understand.

My only criticism of that is they don't share some of it with us fans.

We are well run  and other teams who employ the same attitude include Arsenal, after having a manager for something like 16 years in charge they play good football have no debt and are able to splash £40M on one player (oh how I dream of Villa signing players like Ozil or even Mata).

Its not all roses, I have issues with where we are like lots of fans but we are stable and in this football world that is the only place to be. Leeds are still in financial trouble as are the noses, The FFP comes in soon and we and the likes of Arsenal will pass it I am sure but I doubt the authorities have the balls to face those in debt like ManC and will bring in some fiddle or other. Selling naming rights for your ground for £400M is clearly a fiddle of a massive scale and again something the authorities back off from.

You only have to watch the Six Nations to see where football could be in terms of match control by a ref, with video replay 'miked up' refs, sin bins and a clock that measures playing time without manager influence.

Lot of sense in that Jonny.

We all would like better but it may take a lot longer than we want.

To survive is sadly the ultimate goal at the moment, and build, and although we are still deep in it, there are signs its working.

We must beware complacency this season, as better off than last year, but one team does slump dramatically!!



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