Hmmm,  Sport Witness nil between the ears, the only team's supporters that really use your site how should we thank them?........

Lets have a go at a young Villa player and piss off your best customers who already get pissed off by stupid pop up ads,


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Glad to see you got a lot of response to your article. By the way, you spelt the name wrong of the player you hold so dear. 

Villa's supporters are a very small percentage of our site traffic. For example last month we had over 300,000 people visit and are looking to beat that again, I'd suggest less than 1% were Villa fans and even less interested in the domestics you enjoy.

We're quite happy to provide a free area for people to use as a forum but that will not shape any other plans, it would be crazy to cater to the tiniest section of use.

Barry Bannan made an arse of himself, from reading your boards I can see it isn't the first time. If it upsets you so that his behaviour is highlighted, like that of other players, then we are, er, we're, well, we couldn't care less.

Good day to you. 

On what basis do you "suggest" that less than 1% of your site traffic is made up of Villa fans? 

Out of the 3,470-odd posts logged on Sports Witness since its inception, nearly 1,800 have been on the Villa boards: this represents nearly 52% of the total. 

By comparison, the Man. Utd. boards have less than 28%, Liverpool just over 9%, and the rest of them pretty well nowhere! 

I suspect the real reason that you "couldn't care less" has a lot to do with the fact that you're based in Manchester.

We're interested in hits, people reading articles. What happens on a forum is irrelevant largely and less commercially attractive as it's usually the same people over and over again.

Our articles are picked up by Google, other news generators and pushed on social networks, therefore enabling many thousands of people to see them. This is how we know what small % the Villa section is, for example I've just looked and today it's 556 views for Villa stuff which compares to more than 100 X that for others. Bear in mind too that those 556 will be spread amongst 50 people at best and the honest truth is it's a tiny % of traffic. 

I think we've made our view on this clear before, so it's certainly not a reaction to football news. If Villa users don't like it then they know what they can do as we said when there were the threats of a 'mass walkout' when we started adverts. You may all like to be called names by people like 'Spiros', who likes insinuating others are thick but can't spell a player's name, but we don't have to be polite with him when we're providing a service for free. 

I don't see any need for this... from anyone really...

The article was silly, but to be fair I don't really think there was a need for the reply from SW... I would have thought leaving it empty would have been far better.

SW provides a platform for chatting in our forum, there are others, I frequent Aston Villa too and write for Matt over there, but that is not a general chit chat type forum like it is here. Also remember SW give the Villan's a fairly wide birth on SW in what we can do... remember the days of 606 when suggestive comments would be removed...

Lets just calm it down... SW has their priorities we have ours... they're bound to cross paths but why all the fuss?

This has come about from a tongue in cheek article taking the micky out of one of our more tainted by Ego academy graduates... I blame Ian Holloway TBH

Oh SW i'm still waiting for my free T-Shirt lol....  

You just love to keep knocking us don't you and always have to say how little our traffic and importance is in comparison to all these other apparent visitors you claim visit your site (not that we ever see any proof mind).

To be honest, I really can't see why you would visit this site except to follow your team on a forum as your articles aren't exactly awe inspiring plus with the pop-ups if I had come here randomly I very much doubt I would ever bother coming back again.

I also wonder what this 300,000 stat is that you are referring to, if this is just hits then I'd say you are greatly underestimating our importance as I alone visit the boards several times a day on average and I'm sure most of the regulars here do too.

I'd guess you are most likely talking about unique visitors though but even then I wouldn't get too carried away as most people are using several devices these days if you take in to account schools, colleges, universities, work places, homes and mobile devices for instance but hey, what do I know 

Clearly not much as we can see what people are looking at too and the Villa boards are a tiny percentage. 

We don't want trouble or hassle but won't have idiots like the guy who posted this insulting us and gobbing off total untruths without us replying. 



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