its very hard to motivate yourself given the loss of 8 points in 9 over the last three games. Bruce now admits he should have changed about 4 players after the Wolves game, saying he’s learned from that, really an experienced manager couldn’t  see what us know nothing, never played the game at this level could see with our eyes shut.

I have been fed up with Bruce for most of the season only relieved by the good run and now fed up again. I still think IF we get promotion we should get rid immediately if we don’t we should anyway as soon as.

We fans have suffered enough it’s about time we tasted success.

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Haven't the faintest about this game. On paper we should walk it. It could be a dire struggle with us just pipping it. We could lose.

A plus factor: I think Reading will have trouble breaking down our defence. But if we don't attack with more speed and vigour then we will struggle. He has to play Barney as defensive midfielder.

Re Bruce, we struggle too much. Wolves and Cardiff have managers who know exactly what they want, train to that, and keep churning out result after result. If they have a blip it is a blip. Bruce can't do that.

Team: Johnstone, Elmo, Chester, Terry, Taylor, Snodgrass, Barney, Hourihane, Adomah, Jack, Hogan

Bench: Bunn, Jedi, Whelan, Onomah, Lansbury, Grabban, Kodjia

No Hutton, or Davis.

Well that is, I think (apart from Taylor) our strongest team. If fit I would have put Hutton at left back, but it is as good as it gets.

Up to the boys now, have they settled for Play offs and are dragging their heels?

We'll see.

What a good result! Yep, that was a good team. Would probably have been better with Hutton in it, but it did the job.

Should have scored in the first half, but I think there's still some anxiety in the team and a tendancy to pull the trigger too soon. Once we scored there was only one winner in it. Same against Wolves really. We have to click sooner in a match. If we do that then we'll stop these stupid loses.

Barney showed what a good midfielder he is. Makes all the difference.



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