Real Madrid offer boy contract after dad puts video on YouTube

Many fathers think their son is brilliant at football but not many put together a YouTube compilation which gets them flown over to Spain and potentially gives the family a new life in Madrid.

Luiz Henrique dos Santos, known as 'Pety', is a 13 year old boy from Brazil who has been impressing his family and friends with football skills from an early age.

His dad bought a video camera and started putting the footage on YouTube, this led to Real Betis inviting him to Seville for a trial. Pety impressed there but his family couldn't agree a financial package with the club.

As the proud father explains "We returned to the hotel sad, but then received a call from Real Madrid. They said they knew we were in Spain and Pety is a phenomenon. They said we should go to Madrid for a trial." 

So, off to Madrid the family went and Pety trained with the club "I trained well. The guys here are fast, good technically. In terms of language, it's complicated, but I can understand."

Real Madrid were also happy and if financial and resettlement arrangements can be made the family will be moving to the Spanish capital. 


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That's Pety impressive if you ask me ;-)



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