I kept my promise - no ouzo till we were in top 6 !

BUT not sure about our progress, yes I know results matter at the expense of performance but I feel really sorry that this idiot cannot find places for our young up & coming stars - I feel sorry for young Davies who

has had a load of responsibility thrust upon his young shoulders as a solitary striker & his performances have suffered - where would we be without uncle Albert ( I would have had 3 sober weeks )

I must admit that the defence now looks quite a solid unit apart for he odd hoof balls & giving the ball away

even with Samba & Whelan who have surprised me !

I am now more positive with these performances but doubt our ability to achieve promotion & even less to be able to stay up - This is no way suggesting that this idiot of a manager is 'getting it right'

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This site like others is dying and a few left.

However posts like this and you can see why.......................

Thanks for the contribution!!! :-)

Greek is a negative anti Brucer, but his opinion is valid.

We all want Villa back in the Premier league and playing like Barcelona, sadly miracles take time.

yeah I know............. but it is better than last year and there is still hope

Hope we can win today .

I just hope that is me not tempting fate again as when i normally say anything like that we end up with a bad result .

A good result for us last night with the Blades losing if we can get some point's today that will do our cause no harm at all .

Some good new's on the injury front as well with some of our injured player's back in training at last pity about flabby looking like being offered a new contract but we cannot as fan's have every thing our way .

The transfer window is almost upon us again with plenty of name's being mentioned as potential new recruit's .

The financial fair play rules may well be a stumbling block for any new player's but if the gossip is to be believed McMormack is having a lovely time sunning himself down under so if a permanent deal came because of this this may ease the fair play problem's a little or it is loan deal's again for us if my understanding of these rule's are right .

Now off down to the Red Lion to have a pint or three and also finished work till Jan so let's hope for a win and that will be a perfect start to Christmas for me .

Could also be building the first snowman of the winter tomorrow with the grand kid's if the forecast's are right so that will keep them happy and we can all throw snowball's at there Nan great fun .



Same team as last time except Lansbury in for Hourihane. Disappointed and worried. Worried because with the sort of knee problem Lansbury had it would have been a good idea to ease him in gently. Tendinitis is dodgy, and it finished Own Hargreaves career.

Disappointed because in his outings from the bench Grealish has shown far more than Onomah and should start. Millwall aren't great, we should pressure them; failing to do so will give them options.

Having said that, we should win. Unless we put in another tired performance.

Well that was a load of rubbish. Probably ought to have lost it, in a match we needed to and should have won. Bruce will no doubt come out with "that's what the Championship is like".

Not the result we wanted or needed but from all account's we were poor .

Plus point's we kept another clean sheet this time last year we would have caved in half way through the second half .

Minus point's the 2 point's that we all expected and once more the lack of converting the few chances we may get when we are not playing well .

The need for another striker either on loan or on a permanent  deal in January is now becoming glaringly obvious even to Bruce .

I put this down to a bad day at the office fortunate to draw but we did and are still in the playoff places and the Blades result last night helped us no end as we now are above them admittedly on goal difference only .

Heavy snow just started in Doncaster so it is looking good for the snowman and snow ball's in the morning .




Bruce the muppet takes responsibility for not winning the game, well if it’s not his responsibility who’s is it?

i am pleased to see Lansbury back and Bruce complains he missed Hourihane in the middle but that’s not the problem in my mind. Why leave Hogan on the bench? He paid £12m for him that’s madness. Onomah is struggling why not give Grealish a run.

bruce cost us two points against a struggling side it’s about time you got your act together.

Dead right. A loan forward is no use if he isn't used properly. If we used the players we've got properly then we'd have won yesterday. That's the problem. Grealish should have started, not Onomah. Hourihane should have been left in, with instructions to get forward more often. Lansbury should be played from the bench for now; with his injury no way should he have started, and from the bench he's a useful spark for later on in the match.



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