And we deserve it.

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Yes we do. Richard Scudamore today stated that premier league clubs have a responsibilty to fill stadiums, invest in talent and provide the entertainment that sky and bt paid £5.1 billion for. On that basis we don't deserve any of that tv money.

Don't see why we deserve it. We the fans haven't been entirely blameless over the years, I admit. We might have done better than turn against Houllier even before he arrived, simply because he was "ex Liverpool, French, and old". And likewise against McLaren because he was just "the wally with the brolly", wasn't he?. But we've given Lambert and Lerner plenty of support, the benefit of the doubt, and even extended it to McLeish for a bit even though we knew deep down he was plain awful. But we're not so culpable that we deserve relegation.

Neither do the players. On the whole they've stuck loyally to their task, they gone along with the manager's intentions, they've desperately tried to give us success, and on paper at least they're good enough for a mid-table PL side.

And there is hope. We've got one of the kinder schedules coming up. We're not down yet, not by a long way.

BUT... if this manager isn't shown the door, now, then maybe Lerner, and by proxy, the rest of us, will then deserve it. Bottom line is a poor Hull side who didn't have much too offer except park the bus for much of the match in the end were a comfortable winner. It's not a one off; it's where Lambert has taken us to. We have no future in the PL with him here. Out.



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