I dont think hell go but IF he does there are only 2 players I would take in his place


Scheijder or Schwengstier



Scheijder is more attacking and that is important for when RVP is injured but Schwengstier controls the game sitting a bit firther deep and may provide that extra bit of cover and steel weve lacked so may actually be more of an improvement on Cesc


I kno they are unlikely targers but we do have the dutch connection with RVP and Schwengstier is a bit of a long shot so is even more unlikely but it would be epic

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IMO, Sneijder and Schweinsteiger would be a perfect partnership but would cost about £80m to get both!


(I realise you meant one or the other but just felt like saying this)

yeh, fair enuff thing is i dont think Schweinstieger is an all out DM - hed need somebody defending with him if that makes sense
Why do you have to have a dedicated defensive and attacking midfielder...?
well in general to keep the midfield running sharp  in both areas, as an Arsenal fan I kno how important it is to have a good DM :P - while I see your point in not having dedicated players, one of them has to be willing to stay back, Schweinsteiger wud be willing to get back but there is the obvious problem that he cud be overrun if Sneijder didnt help him out, esp seeing as he isnt as much of a tackler as other DMs but rather prefers to cover, pick up the pieces and start an attack - something I wish Cesc wud do, My words are a bit jumbled rite now but i hope they make some sort of sense :P
I think Wilshere and Ramsey will be a good long term pairing so I'd get Parker for short term and invest the rest elsewhere.
tru - but Parker isnt as good as an attacker as Fabregas so short term isnt really resolved, tho I wud love to see parker and Song battling out for the DM place
Yeah, and let Ramsey or Wilshere or indeed both go forward.
You might have a chance to get Sneijder, but I can't see Schweini leaving the Bundesliga.
Villa plays with Fabregas in the Spanish national team and believes the midfielder has earned the right to once again play for Barcelona.

"I have a soft spot for Cesc. You know what he would give to the team,” Villa said

"I hope he can come to Barcelona. Not only as a player but as someone who deserves to return."


These Barca boys dont know when to keep quiet

Schweinsteiger and Cesc are different types of players.

The German is a former winger turned into a box-to-box engine by his own request (he wanted to get more involved in the midfield battle), and the role he performs for his club and country is much more similar to the role Wilshire performs for Arsenal and England.



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