Report: Hernandez has 15% chance of staying at Manchester United, Nani 0%

Gazzetta dello Sport have really embraced the use of percentages in transfer reporting today and have thrown out all kinds of figures about players rumoured to moving to Serie A this summer. It's backed up by explanations but the percentages tell their own story.

Earlier we covered a claim from Gazzetta that Alexis Sanchez had a 60% chance of moving to Manchester United this summer. The newspaper also have claims on potential Manchester United exits. 

First up is Mexican striker Javier Hernandez. In his own country they used to get angry at Manchester United managers for not playing him but that has slowly turned into a realisation that perhaps he's not quite cut out to be an Old Trafford starter and should move. In Italy they agree, and would very much like him in Serie A, with Gazzetta saying there's a 55% chance he'll end up at Inter Milan. Inter's relatively new owner has promised all kinds of wonderful things for this transfer window and needs to deliver, Hernandez would go a long way to doing that. 

The chance of the Mexican turning up at striker heavy Juventus is put at 20% and a move to Zenit in Russia put at 10%. Gazzetta say, however, that there's just a 15% chance of him staying at Manchester United.

Luis Nani has no chance of a Manchester United stay according to the same report. His chances of a move to Juventus are put at 45%, Galatasaray at 30%, Inter Milan 20% and Fiorentina 5%. Juventus reports are nothing new for Nani and a move to the current Serie A champions would probably be preferable. All clubs mentioned would struggle to justify paying him the wages he's on at Manchester United.

However, should Nani have a good World Cup then the interest will surely grow. In addition, Louis van Gaal likes wingers so there has to be at least a small chance he could stay, regardless of what Gazzetta seem to think.

Both players are valued by the newspaper at €15m each. 

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