Red Bull's Daniel Ricciardo has been speaking to Italian newspaper Gazzetta dello Sport about his future and rumours surrounding it. Inevitably the discussion turned to F1 rivals Ferrari. Ricciardo has been rumoured to be of interest to the Italian F1 team and Gazzetta dello Sport were eager to know how the Australian born driver felt about things and whether claims of a bad relationship with Sebastian Vettel, currently at Ferrari, would prevent a move there in the future.

Ricciardo was typically candid and explained "We had a great relationship and I admired his professionalism, despite being frustrated by the results. The future is far away, I do not think that Seb can prevent it happening. 

"I always enjoy the attention of teams like Ferrari. I do not think that if I carry on for for ten years in F1 it will always be with the same team. But first I want a championship with Red Bull."

Ricciardo is of good Italian stock, he told Gazzetta dello Sport about visiting relatives of his mother in Calabria and his father being from Sicily. Ricciardo's father would be thrilled to see him race for Ferrari one day, having been a fan of Ferrari for many years, but there's never been any pressure put on the driver to steer his career toward the team.

Whilst Ricciardo is respectful towards Red Bull and clearly feels he has a lot of unfinished business with the F1 team, its pretty clear he fancies a shot at Ferrari at some point in the future, Vettel or no Vettel. 

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