Ridiculous Transfer Rumour of the Day: Fernando Llorente to Sunderland

It's that fun time of year when even the most unbelievable rumours have some people thinking 'Well, maybe there's a bit of truth in it'.

There are the odd stories that are even beyond that and we want to celebrate them. Every day until the transfer window slams shut we'll be picking out the Ridiculous Transfer Rumour of the Day (#RIDICRUMOUR) and need your help.

This beauty was spotted by half of Twitter this morning and is quite a classic. Let The Telegraph take it away...

The Northern Irishman has consistently refused to discuss Bendtner’s long-term future and, while he has never publicly criticised the Denmark international, Telegraph Sport understands he has not been impressed with the player’s behaviour.

Instead, Sunderland are interested in Athletic Bilbao striker Fernando Llorente, with O’Neill keen to stress to chairman Ellis Short he will need to spend big money on a centre-forward if the team are going to improve. Even then, the Spain international could be out of their price range given his excellent season for Bilbao, who beat Manchester United on their way to reaching the Europa League final last week.

So, just a run of the mill article about who Sunderland will get now Bendtner is off and y'know, you casually drop that Spanish chap Fernando Llorente in there. WHAT? FERNANDO LLORENTE?

Yep, the main man in Athletic Club Bilbao's team, perhaps the best Spanish striker out there at the moment and he's ever-so-casually linked to Sunderland. The Telegraph seem to think the cost may be a problem, perhaps they mean the cost of paying someone to bang him over the head enough times so he thinks the red and white stripes of Sunderland are in fact Athletic Club.

One day we'll get caught out and one of these rumours will happen, it won't be this one though.

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You seem to wish to belittle SAFC, rather than just pour scorn on a rumour.

Which club do YOU support and how many times have you seen them play (in the flesh)?

Let me guess!

You are an avid fan of Chelsea/Man Utd/CityLiverpool who has never attended a game at your choice of club.

Thankfully, schools are not on holiday 365 days a year!

I see what you're doing here Phil, because you, wrongly, feel you've been belittled you decided to react by belittling. Quite impressive that, well done.

It is not belittling to suggest that Fernando Lllorente, Spanish international striker and linked with Real Madrid, Barcelona and probably all top clubs, wouldn't want to join Sunderland. It's simply being honest.

Calm yourself down. 

If you believe that then that is what you believe.

However, you failed to answer the questions asked.

Could that be be because your reply would label you as someone who knows nothing?

Just a guess!

What question? I can assure you I've been to hundreds of games of the club I support, but I wouldn't have had to step into a football ground to know that linking Fernando Llorente to Sunderland is ridiculous.

It's like linking Sunderland's best player with a move to some team in the Middle East who nobody had ever heard of... oh. 

In which case please answer the question!

Which club do you support and (given your, apparent, reticence to name them) the date of your first home game and who it was against?

Let me guess!

You live in The States, have never been to a UK "soccer" game in your life, but feel you have a "life long" allegiance with team A, B, C or D (rotate as necessary, on an annual basis)!,


Manchester United, live and born in Manchester, first game was Stoke City in 1985 - think it was 5-0 but don't quote me on that. 

You really need to calm down. 

I really need to calm down?

Why should you suggest (nay, state) that?

My assessment, of yourself, has been born out, so I'm happy, not upset.

Has Sunday not worn off yet?

Ok Phil, I'm a yank who has never been in a football ground and just happens to have a dislike for your football. I choose my team based on the colour of their shirt and have never set foot in good 'ol Blighty.

Long live soccerball. 

I hope this makes you feel better and that you stop comforting eating/kicking the dog. 

Just leave it SPORT WITNESS. He'll be crying into his Cheesy Chips before long.

Llorente to Sunderland? Aye, right. Even the remotest possibility is a JOKE! You're a below average, below mid table club, and a horrible city with no redeeming features what so ever. Martin O'Neill lets his dogs pee on the carpet. His house STINKS of urine!

It's just Luke Edwards fulfilling his responsibility of writing something about Sunderland since he is North East Correspondent. 
You'll get Karl Henry and Kevin Davies and you'll blummin' well be thankful for it.

Know your place, Mackem. 

Oh dear!

Why does your carer allow you internet access?

You are void of any crack. 

How much you signing N'Zogbia for? 



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