Robin van Persie says he wants to finish his career at Manchester United

Robin van Persie was an instant success at Manchester United but then that was always likely to be the case given his proved prowess within the Premier League. The Dutchman had a great period with Arsenal and even though their supporters now look back on that through tainted memories, he doesn't. He thinks it all helped him to get to where he is now, which is where he wants to see out the rest of his career.

Speaking to this week's edition of Voetbal International, Van Persie said "The coming years it's Manchester United. And maybe longer. United would be my last club.

"You have a number of clubs in Europe where older players can find it good, where they are valued. You used to have that at Juventus and AC Milan, Manchester United today is a good example. So who knows how long I stay at the club."

Van Persie was speaking to the Dutch press this week about how he was finding it odd to now be considered part of the old guard with the national set-up, rather than one of the younger players. He's now 29 years old and his contract with Manchester United lasts until the summer of 2016 which takes him almost to the age of 33, the way he's talking he'd like to carry on beyond that and thinks Manchester Untied is the best place to do it.

Ryan Giggs turned 39 in November and Paul Scholes is 38, so the Dutchman has got a long time left if he follows their lead. However, he has suffered from injuries throughout his career and it's possible that could have some impact on when he'll have to call it a day.

Moving to the Old Trafford team has given Van Persie a lift and provided him with a new challenge, which has reignited his enthusiasm in the sport. The opportunity for success and to win the championship is something which he's grasping, but the change alone has done him good.

"I have every day at United a new challenge. My development is an ongoing process. That gets an extra boost when you are surrounded by new coaches and teammates, all with their own ideas, in a totally new environment."

Van Persie sound like he's not keen on going down the levels when his Manchester United days become numbered, moving to the MLS or Middle East doesn't really seem his style and his comments back that up. If Manchester United can make use out of him past his current contract then that will surely please him and make the initial cost of the deal look more reasonable. 

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