The media are really starting to get on my nerves now. Every major outlet (BBC, Sky Sports, BT etc) whenever Villa are being discussed only talk about Grealish as if he's the only player on the team. 

These are the MOTD commentator notes:

"If Remi Garde - who with Patrick Vieira was jointly Wenger's first signing for Arse... - has got to grips with Jack Grealish's playful streak, then so much the better.

"Grealish is young, gifted and back - but better players than him have wasted their talent, and Villa are in no position to indulge him."

That is all that's mentioned about Villa. You can guarantee that talking about Jack returning will be the main clippet as MOTD are introducing the game. Midweek, Jack has been talked about on 5 Live by Steve Froggatt saying 'we can't pin our hopes on survival on him'. Hold on, who's doing that? What Villa fans are these people talking to that think Grealish will be the reason we either stay up or go down? Do they even watch football? When has a player EVER single-handedly saved a team from relegation? He's not the sole reason or even close to being a reason we're in this mess and he's certainly not going to be the one to get us out of it.

This constant intense media focus of Jack can't be helping him. No one at the club expects him to be our saviour, it'll be a collective effort, particularly more effort on our back 6 to not make stupid mistakes and our forwards to once in a while get a shot on target (I mean, c'mon Rudy, just one shot on target please) yet external outlets are heaping all that pressure on Grealish meaning he's bound to be feeling under more pressure and subsequently more likely to feel the need to blow off steam if things don't go our way. A lot older, more experienced heads and better footballers have struggled under such scrutiny a la Rooney.

I'm not saying the focus around him is an excuse but he's a 19 year old. Is he the only 19 year old footballer that goes out after a game? No. Is he the only one that's being vilified for it because of where his team is in the league? Yes. Callum Robinson was out with Grealish that night, where's my BBC article about how he's being unprofessional and a detriment to the team/image of the club?

It's been one thing after the other with the media and Villa. First it was this ridiculous notion that the players we signed aren't quality or we've not been backed by Lerner. Given Lerner wants to sell he certainly coughed up enough over the summer. Lerner over the years has pumped plenty of money into Villa so let's not pretend he's been like the Bolton/Blackpool/Leeds chairman in recent years. The players we signed in the summer were highly sought after from much bigger teams than Villa (Veretout linked with Spurs, Amavi Arsenal etc) yet suddenly they're "not good enough" because the "experienced" prem players like Lescott, Richardson, Guzan and Hutton are making sloppy costly mistakes which puts pressure on the midfield and forwards to produce. Now it's Jack that's cannon fodder for the tabloids and media outlets.

Maybe if they started to look more closely at the teams mental fragility rather than focusing on Jack as the make or break behind our season, players would realise they need to buck their ideas up, cut out stupid costly and needless errors.

There's no reason we can't get out of this mess as there are plenty of games left, but it'll start from the back and better organisation collectively.

There's no time for excuses anymore or looking for things to blame, just pull on the claret and blue jersey and fight like your life depends on it. 

If Bournemouth can beat Chelsea, who's to say we can't beat Arsenal? 

UTV and fight like Lions

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Totally agree. MOTD Villa matches over the last few weeks have ended with the same punchline:

Lineker: "Villa?"

Shearer (or Mills or whoever) "They haven't got the quality." That's all they say. Almost every sports journo gets some easy lazy column inches just moaning about our summer signings.

Or, as you said, they pick up on some irrelevant aspect like Grealish. If Grealish manages to have some impact somewhere I'll be well pleased. But Garde will be thinking of the team as a unit, not the odd individual player.

Don't think it matters. What others say isn't going to affect our performances. What Garde sorts out on the training ground will.

Does this even matter? We are down. What Shearar says is true....

oh and he doesn't mention Grealish



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