Interest but no bid for Ipswich's Aaron Cresswell yet but Villa set to resume talks over Ron Vlaar deal

I am not sure if this is the right move from Villa. Yes, Vlaar is a quality player in Holland, but he reminds me to much of Dunne. They have much of the same qualities and weaknesses, and Dunne is not a modern CB. 
Today, defenders should be able to play football with good passing abillities and agility and speed to match attackers. 

This is where I think Vlaar is the wrong player. I have watched quite a lot of him in the Dutch league and this is what I think he is his weaknesses and strengths. I will finish of with a conclusion.

- Strength - He is a quite strong lad and this helps him in duells with big strikers like Carroll, Ba, etc.
- Heading - His heading ability is very good! He wins a lot of the duells he is in. Gives us much needed strengthening on defensive and attacking set-pieces. 
- Determination - Vlaar is a winner. That is something we all saw in the Youtube clip. He wants to win and you can see he really hates to lose. 
- Consistency - Vlaar is a consistent performer. You will rearly see him have an off day. 
- Influence - This man is a real leader! He leads a team and he commands his defence with his precense. 

- Agility - Vlaar is not agilie at all. He will have big problems against smaller strikers who turns quick. This will be a major weakness when we are up against players like Defoe, Tevez, etc. 
- Speed and acceleration - He is not the fastest the player around and quick striker will often outrun him. 
- Injuries - If you have read a little about him, you will see that he has had two really big injuries in his career. Ofcourse it is possible that he is over it, but it is a gamble. 
- Marking - Vlaar is not to good at marking. This is down to his movement of the ball. This will be a problem, as a player like him needs to be in the right position all the time as his physical attributes is not the greatest. 
- Long balls - Vlaar loves to try long passes around the pitch. Something us fans didnt love with Dunne and Collins. 

Vlaar is a player with abilites when he is close to a duell. He is a strong guy with a big precense. We will feel his precense in attacking and defending set-pieces. I think Vlaar maybe our new captain if he gets his transfer. 

Vlaar reminds me very much about Dunne and Collins regarding his movement. He often compesates with a "last ditch tackle". He should be better at his positiong on the field. This, with his movement-skills, I think he often will be caught on the wrong side of an opposite attacker. 

I would not buy Vlaar to Aston Villa because he represents the "old" CB with a lot of physical precense, but lacks as much in the movement appartment. Clark is quite opposite and is a great example on a modern CB. Today, fever teams wants to play with a target-man (expect Stoke) and more teams are going for speed rather then strength. This is why I think we should look for a more modern defender like Mateo Musacchio (Villarreal) or Ashley Williams (Swansea). Williams being my favourite. 

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Willams too I think will get a chance in the team....

Which Williams are you talking about ? Ashley Williams or our own Williams? 

Musacchio just went down with Villarreal and if no other big clubs comes in for him, I think he can be a target for us. Regarding, A. Williams. I like that kind of denfender and I think he fits Lamberts style of play. 

Munoz is also a good shout, but I think Musacchio would come! Think it would look very good on us too! Need a marque and he would be my choice. 

Add Lichaj to that lot.

good article. and well balanced assessment of the player.

Seems a very much a younger Dunne, which i don't think is a bad thing. In the PL i do think you need that type of player - especially in the cup competitions (where you will come up against the rough and tumble a lot more).

though, i am interested to hear whether people think Baker is a 'new' style or 'old' style cb. i rate him very highly, and personally see him as a 'hybrid'. i think that he and Clark, as Toto has pointed out, will have a large part to play in the future. 

Thanks Umma.

Agree on what you say about cup competitions, but I am afraid that Lambert could end up playing him with Dunne (Clark injured, suspencion, out of form, etc) and we will end up with a "slugger" defence, which I think is outdated. 

About Baker. I think he is an "old" style cb. He is a strong, ball winning CB, but not a Clark-type who can play ball very well. 

Not saying that no one should have an "old" style CB anymore, but with Lambert style of play, I think a "new" style CB would be more perferable. 

Think PL is a pragmatist. He won't play the same style or players every match. So there's definitely a place for Vlaar, given a lot of the opposition we'll face in the PL, even if on occasions a different type of defender is called for.

I like what he's putting together. Bringing in quality players without spending large amounts.

does anyone remember that game under houllier against bolton? 

We lost 2-3 but was a really exciting game, our back line was also all about youth, with clark, baker and luke young in cb ! 

I remember clark and Baker pouring forward into midfield with the ball at their feet and we were overwhelming bolton when we had the ball. 

We conceded 2 if not 3 of the goals though from set pieces, one of which was more or less bakers fault but you wouldn't hold it against him considering the ramshackle nature of the team sheet that day. 

I thought that day that Baker looked nervous in defence but really composed on the ball 

I also would lean towards the Hybrid notion

i cannot believe we didn't go in for Hoilett. would have been huge improvement on Nzogbia. 

Who ever we buy for CB he has to be a leader, Good reader of the game, good heading ability,and strong in the tackle.Some one also who puts his body on the line. Now Dunne and Collins may have some of these traits but i feel if we can get rid of both i would do so some fresh blood is needed.

Clark has to start the season on the left CB position becauue he has looked quality all pre season and he needs a full season to show his qualitis properly. He looks to me like the next Agger they both bring the ball out of defense,they have a good reading of the game and can score cracking goals with long range efforts. He is our Rolls Royce type of player.




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