Just watched all the goals by both players from this season. Ronaldo seemed to have an air of desperation about his goalscoring. Messi was just a different class.

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I was beginning to wonder when you were going to state the obvious
Nope. Just watched it back and found it quite amazing!
What profile picture?
I am not clever enough to understand
Mediocre league. Rooneys better. Barca not that good. Ronaldo is better because he has worse players like ozil, alonso and di maria setting him up(lolocopter), and some other tired cliches etc.
His goals against Sociedad made me sick. I'd also mention others but there are too many and my mouth is too full singing European Champions songs, so no time to mention them.
Messi is average because he only scores loads in mediocre leagues where the defending is shocking such as the cl.
You know nothing about football Sebby! Trying to guess your name you see.

You can call me nighthawk.

Whatever Sebastian! Andy Murray would definitely beat you at tennis. How does that make you feel?

And murray couldnt win a raffle, let alone a major.


Although tbf he is the best English tennis player England have produced in 70 years.


I wish scotland would stop being so arrogant and saying they are going to win the world cup. Wish you lot had some humility and didnt rub it in our faces how good you are.



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