Ruthless - Here's first post on this and my take on how to develop next season


Next season we need to be Ruthless ie;


Sell: Spearing, Aurelio, Poulsen, Ngog, Degen (If he's still ours), Jones, Konchesky



Spearing:Yeah, I know Spearing has been fabulous these last few games, but lets be honest, he is just not good enough. At 22 he should have a solid place in the team, look at players such as Fabregas, Wilshere, even Carroll is the same age and he was first team at Newcastle and here! Maybe we could loan him out but he is a good player so the best thing for him I think is to move on.


Aurelio: Again, a good player but CONSTANT injuries really cannot make up for it. He's good but not good enough. That's exactly what ruthlessness is and what we need to do.


Poulsen: Not much to say really.


Jones: Not bad 'keeper but I think we would cut down on wages if we let him go and we don't need to sign any replacments with Gulasci and Hansen.


Konchesky: Forest fans didn't rate him, so no offence to Forest, but we should defo not have him.


Ngog: He could argue that he hasn't had the chance to shine but I can only remember 1 or 2 good moments against Rabotnikti or whoever. Not good enough as a back up striker. Take Manure and Berbatov/Hernandez and Arsenal with Chamack - don't have to be world class but at least better than Ngog.


Replacements/New Signings


I'd like to see us get some flair players, because without Meireles, Suarez and Stevie we look lost in terms of creativity.


Juan Mata: I'm not jumping on the bandwagon here, as I do watch La Liga quite often. Having seem him play he reminds me of David Silva with the trickery and give and go's. Would work well with Suarez. And would be cheap considering Valencia.


Izaguirre: Don't think that Contreo is worth 26m so this guy would be cheaper and has been voted PFA scots player of the year. Has also been "flattered" by intrest from Liverpool.


Bojan Krkic: Rarely makes the Subs bench for Barca and would be a good striker to have on the bench. Has the potential to be like Hernandez.


Affelly: Again, another Barca non-starter would surely be intrested in first team football and having seen him, he looks like a quality player.


Aqualani/Adam: Wouldn't mind Aquaman but he seems reculant to come back here. However apparently he has been playing well in Italy and has recently been called up to the Italian squad. Adam, has shown that he is a quality player, however the question remains, does he have enough quality for us?


So, My team for next year:




Kelly Carra Agger Izaguirre


Mata      Gerrard    Affally




Subs: Bojan, Merieles, Adam/Aqua, Kuyt, Maxi, Gulasci, Skrtel.


Anyone gets injured I would like to see Pacheco stake a claim for the bench and Suso, Sterling, Robinson and Coady on the fringes :)


Anfield Red


Please share your thoughts :)

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Firstly on Spearing, players develop in different ways and at different ages. Spearing will e a very useful player for Liverpool to have next season. Can cover a number of positions and will give his all. Its just as much about character and temprement.


Kevin Phillips... Ian Wright... developing at a later age often makes a better person and footballer.


Bojan... so from Barely making the bench to sitting on yours... think again if I was you.


Affally... When Pep has already said he's going nowhere and next season he will get more time.




Dembele, Sessegnon and a ReoCoker type


All clubs need a decent squad, it is not just about having the strongest first eleven.  Spearing as been excellent and is not exactly 'old and passed it', he is a perfect squad player - he is local and loves the club, is of a decent standard, young and will get better.


Let me guess, you wanted to get rid of Lucas a couple of seasons back too...?  Well, he is 24 now, making him 22 back then too, look at him now, are you happy or disappointed we kept him...?


I agree with the rest you have done for leaving but would add a few others too such as Jovanovic, El Zhar, Soto, Konchesky and quite possibly Joe Cole too.

Oh, I wasn't going to even comment on the incoming players but Charlie Adam...?  Seriously...?  He, quite simply, is top a not four / six type player.  He as a fantatsic left foot which he can use to pick a pass or shoot with, but the rest of his game is questionable at best.  He certainly can't tackle, as low stamina and is constantly caught out of position!
<applause> Gerrez... Charlie Adam... if Blackpool get more than the £6m clubs offered in January they should be arrested. It's called "Mugging".
I think Adam will end up at a mid-table to top-half type club, someone like Everton, Stoke, Newcastle or (no offence intended) Villa.  I don't think he will join you guys though, Everton don't have cash and Newcastle have Joey Barton.  He wouldn't suit Stoke as they play with two wingers and two up front meaning the two in the middle need to be defensively as well as strong.  In short, I have no idea where he will end up, I just hope it isn't Liverpool!

I know, but Spearing could become alienated if he's left out :/


But I can see where your coming from with the Lucas example.

And with Adam, I'm not sure but I think I've gotta go with you guys. Yeah he puts in the one or two eye catching pefromances but when I honestly think about it he's probably not good enough

Like you said, we won't sign Contreao. We'll definitely sign a left back though, maybe Izaguirre or Enrique but it could be someone out of the blue that we haven't been linked with.


I can see the attacking midfielder/winger being our marquee signing with the owners looking to get the fans onside. I wouldn't rule out Mata. He'd be a dream signing, obviously unlikely but not impossible. No chance of getting Affelay though.


Adam would be a very cheap squad option and we seem to rate him going by January's activity. Not the most exciting of signings but he might be able to do a job. Aquilani? Who knows for sure but I don't see him coming back.


As for players out - we'll do our very best offload Jones, Poulsen and Konchesky. Same with Cole, not sure why you didn't mention him. Getting rid of all of these would be ideal and would free up a lot of wages, can't see too many takers though. N'Gog might go out on loan or sold completely, really depends on whether we sign another centre forward. No need to sell Spearing, even after a few good months his value will be very low so it would be pointless to get rid.

Agree with Gerrez's first post.  Our problem has been our squad depth and as Comolli et al have said they will only be going for players better than what we have, players like Spearing/Shelvey are perfect cover and competition.  When it comes to Spearing, he's had his loan spell, came back and broke into the 1st team immediately.  Like with Lucas I can see him improving slowly and steadily over the years so at 22 I don't understand why people compare him to Wilshire or whoever.  Different type of player, position and development.

Forgot about Cole, I deffo think he should be gone, wages are too high.

Unfortuantley for you thats a skinhead gone ;)

Not a true skinhead though, just a pretend wannabe!
lol :)

Left back, winger and a commanding centre back is a must, another forward would be a bonus.


Winger - this could be one of two types.  Someone with pace and trickery, or someone that can deliver a ball.  If we get one of each or someone that can do both even better.



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