Ruthless - Here's first post on this and my take on how to develop next season


Next season we need to be Ruthless ie;


Sell: Spearing, Aurelio, Poulsen, Ngog, Degen (If he's still ours), Jones, Konchesky



Spearing:Yeah, I know Spearing has been fabulous these last few games, but lets be honest, he is just not good enough. At 22 he should have a solid place in the team, look at players such as Fabregas, Wilshere, even Carroll is the same age and he was first team at Newcastle and here! Maybe we could loan him out but he is a good player so the best thing for him I think is to move on.


Aurelio: Again, a good player but CONSTANT injuries really cannot make up for it. He's good but not good enough. That's exactly what ruthlessness is and what we need to do.


Poulsen: Not much to say really.


Jones: Not bad 'keeper but I think we would cut down on wages if we let him go and we don't need to sign any replacments with Gulasci and Hansen.


Konchesky: Forest fans didn't rate him, so no offence to Forest, but we should defo not have him.


Ngog: He could argue that he hasn't had the chance to shine but I can only remember 1 or 2 good moments against Rabotnikti or whoever. Not good enough as a back up striker. Take Manure and Berbatov/Hernandez and Arsenal with Chamack - don't have to be world class but at least better than Ngog.


Replacements/New Signings


I'd like to see us get some flair players, because without Meireles, Suarez and Stevie we look lost in terms of creativity.


Juan Mata: I'm not jumping on the bandwagon here, as I do watch La Liga quite often. Having seem him play he reminds me of David Silva with the trickery and give and go's. Would work well with Suarez. And would be cheap considering Valencia.


Izaguirre: Don't think that Contreo is worth 26m so this guy would be cheaper and has been voted PFA scots player of the year. Has also been "flattered" by intrest from Liverpool.


Bojan Krkic: Rarely makes the Subs bench for Barca and would be a good striker to have on the bench. Has the potential to be like Hernandez.


Affelly: Again, another Barca non-starter would surely be intrested in first team football and having seen him, he looks like a quality player.


Aqualani/Adam: Wouldn't mind Aquaman but he seems reculant to come back here. However apparently he has been playing well in Italy and has recently been called up to the Italian squad. Adam, has shown that he is a quality player, however the question remains, does he have enough quality for us?


So, My team for next year:




Kelly Carra Agger Izaguirre


Mata      Gerrard    Affally




Subs: Bojan, Merieles, Adam/Aqua, Kuyt, Maxi, Gulasci, Skrtel.


Anyone gets injured I would like to see Pacheco stake a claim for the bench and Suso, Sterling, Robinson and Coady on the fringes :)


Anfield Red


Please share your thoughts :)

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Bojan's goals per game for Barca and for Spain at all levels is pretty impressive, albeit for top quality teams. 


I think he'd relish a chance to shine, but I don't think he'd leave Barca, he probably bleeds blue striped blood. 

I think the issue of the back line probably isn't getting the attention it warrants. Carragher won't go on forever and tbh I'm worried that Agger, classy though he is, isn't going to get on top of his injury problems.. I want Skrtel to do well, but I'm not overconfident. Soto is game and I admire him for that, but he's not really at the level we need. Wilson seemed to me to lack a bit of positional sense. I've only really seen Kelly playing RB but am hoping he'll fit the bill, though again, injuries could be a problem.

I hope the young lads come through, 'cos I don't see too much elsewhere that's worth bringing in at a sensible price.

I see CB as our second priority, left back being the first.

Agree with you, Gerrez


1. LB

2. CB with experience

3. Guy who can cross, hopefully #1 fits the bill

4. Striker who can come off the bench

The issue of the back line doesn't get the attention, mostly because there are a lot of plastics out there only interested in Strikers and Wingers, and who've forgotten that in real football, you build from the back, not hump it long to a big man.


Ok, so I'm being a bit of a footie snob, but you have to consider the foundations, and the keeper and back 4 should always be the area to begin with.  That said, what we have is sound when everyone is fit.  Its a lack of depth.  Wilson hasn't tried out in CB, just at LB for the first XI, and its a different discipline.  As a CB you are in charge of marshalling the defence, you have to be loud and, with the keeper, be a communicator on the pitch.  You're watching your striker, keeping an eye on your partner, checking on the full backs to make sure they don't drop too deep, and you're also having to make sure runs from midfield are being tracked. Its a busy job, and it tends to take time for a young lad to find his feet and voice on that.

Kelly certainly appears to have a certain something about him that suggests he's got the mentality to succeed. Wilson I'm less sure about.


On the subject of replacements, has anyone considered Seb Larssen at Birmingham?  He's available on a free, has a good freekick and his delivery from wide right is good.  He also has a decent turn of pace and has consistently looked one of their best players.


Okay, who read my post and thought "that'd make good copy for



I wouldn't be surprised if they have hired someone to trawl through forums and find a 'new' rumour. It's a ridiculously bad website for transfer gossip, probably not any worse than The S*n or the Daily Mail though.


Larsson could be a good option by the way. I'd imagine that a lot of Premiership clubs would be after him, he would walk into a lot of teams so it would be up to him whether he'd want to fight for a place in our team.



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