Yes you heard it right. Allardyce for Aston Villa.
    Now many of you are very unhappy about McLeish and deservedly so according to the media. Now that you just escaped relegation to join your neighbours I would like to suggest an idea. Now if the owners sack McLeish then who would be the best option?

       MON is at Sunderland, Houllier is unwell. Young managers like Lambert, Rodgers and Martinez are happy at their clubs. Now only one option remains - BIG SAM. A manager who could even manage big teams like Real Madrid and Barcelona as he said. You can just imagine his calibre. 

    I think he would be a big hit at Villa Park. His style of no-nonsense play would suit you. The tippy tappy nonsense you played under Gerrard lead to you nowhere. Big Sam has a proven record. Blackburn were comfortably midtable when he was at helm and now they are relegated as he was sacked. This shows that he is a very capable manager.
     Your players and his style go hand in hand. I request you to keep Heskey as he is very integral to that style of play. Given, Huttton, Dunne, Collins, Heskey. All would gel perfectly in that route one style football. 
     They say it's boring. I disagree. Beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder. Personally I find this tippy tappy passing football boring. Just imagine this. Dunne gives a long pass to Heskey, Heskey outmuscles the defender and finishes cleanly past the goalkeeper. There is nothing more enjoyable than watching a goal scored this direct way.
    So I think the owners should sack McLeish (Not that he is a bad manager.After all he has won the CC). but Big Sam is the bigger and better version of McLeish. No pun intended though. He will lead to back to past glories while playing the best and the most efficient brand of football. 

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Can we get this moron banned from the villa board he's doing my tree in?!
And man city for the title after the manure threw away a lead of 12 points with an easier run in!
Oh sorry Indian, my tale is true,and we thought we had a bad season,yours has been shocking!
That aside what are your opinions on Big Sam?? He clearly states that he could manage any team in the world. Aston Villa I think would be his preferable destination. Would you guys be happy if he comes in summer.??

bore off

long ball football is so underrated. 

Agreed. I personally find it very entertaining. There is So much of skill involved in it. Hoofing it right into the head of the target man, winning the header skillfully and getting a knockdown to a fellow player and finishing.
Many may have criticized Villa for their route one style football this season but I can assure you I wasn't one of them.
I can appreciate McLeish's ingenuity of tactics in playing such skillfully. The great Italian teams of past were build on such stubborn defences. Nesta, Cannavaro, Maldini, Baresi some of the greatest defenders of all time. Imo the likes of Dunne, Hutton and Collins should be mentione in the same breath.
I mean it takes So much of skill to keep the score down to 1-0 the entire 90 minutes when you go behind So early. For that McLeish's tactics should be genuinely applauded. But Big Sam would be a even better manager in terms of attacking. No build up play for minutes, no tippy tappying around. Just give it to the striker and score. That's why I have suggesting you guys to chase him this summer.
What a boring bloke
So Villans I still haven't got any idea about your opinions on Big Sam. Would zou have him at Villa Park?

If he'd settle for the drop in wages, yes, I'd be happy for him to sweep the car-park.

Clearly a child that has spent too much time hiding away in his bedroom watching hermaphrodite porn,unable to go outside and brag to his mates about how his team have won the title again, as they lost out to a much better city side, and all of his contemporeries dont care as they support the club that is probably ore local and not a hundred miles away. But well done red indian, youre initial article all got us believing you. As a matter if interest how much pocket money did you have to shell out to the bigger boy next door to write the article for you?



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