Roy Keane has apparently shaved off his beard.  Will he, like Samson, lose his powers as a result?  Discuss.

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He'll increase them. Think of all the energy going into growing the beard. It can now be directed at the players. And they'll have to face up to him, literally!

I think the players will now take him more seriously as with the beard,I couldn't help like many others,see Sadam Hussain coming out of that well every time I saw a Keano picture.
Now they might get scared,motivated and realise it is Keano and not our American owner and rather silent general planting Sadam into a new life!
We all know Elvis works in the ticket office, whilst Michael Jackson is under the mascot costume.
The truth is out their people.

Will Lambert shave off his as well? I will laugh if he does as it will look like he is trying to copy Keano!

I loved that beard like it was my own.



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