SkySports have revealed that Alexis Sanchez has a choice of five clubs to join this summer. Udinese have confirmed that all five clubs (Barcelona, Man United, Man City, Juventus & Inter Milan) have made offers, and that the final decision will be down to the player, although it is widely believed that he will join Barcelona, despite Manchester Citys offer being the best in financial terms.


It is likely that Barcelona will offer Bojan in a part exchange, which shows why Udinese may prefer to sell to the Catalans.


How would the five clubs line up next season, should any of them land the Chilean starlet?










Questions would then be asked as to where the fantastic Pedro would play? Surely Pep Guardiola will not relegate him to the bench?


Conclusion - Barcelona may be using this "transfer" as a smoke screen to drive the price down on their preferred target, Guiseppe Rossi.



Manchester City:






Thats leaves Adam Johnson in the lurch, and question marks obviously hang over the future of Tevez, so may he be deployed as a striker, as he is at Udinese sometimes?


Conclusion - Citys chances look unlikely, especially as the player himself has not yet spoken of his desire to join the Blues. However, we have often said the same regarding Citys potential transfers and been proved wrong.


Manchester United:









Again, like the teams already mentions, this leaves various players without game time. Antonio Valencia is a top performer, and I cant imagine that he would ever be dropped to the bench, especially considering his contributions in the "big" games. Nani too would seemingly be dropped/sold. Again, you have to ask why...he seems to be just reaching his potential.


Conclusion - Highly unlikely. Players would have to leave to see Sanchez enter. Only other option would be to pull out of the Ashley Young deal, which would be bad ethically, and also project an image of lack of planning from United (i.e. why bid for a player if you have even the slightest notion your number one choice would be available)




I wont delve into Inters and Juve's possible formations/teams, but commenters are more than welcome! (Plus I'm in work and on the verge of getting fired!)


Opinions please! Do you want Sanchez at United? Where would he fit? Are we buying Sanchez and then addressing Inter Milans need for a winger by offering Nani in part-exchange for Wesley Sneijder?







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Firstly Yes I think he would be a great signing due to his versatility, can play on either wing & very effective through the middle. However, there are more important areas that need addressing (midfield).


I don't however think Sneijder is the answer either. If we could get Modric I think he would be a perfect fit at United.

He is the player I desperatley want at United, along with Sneijder.  I think it is a toss up between United and Barca as to who will get him.  Barca would obviously be a hard club to turn down at the moment, but Sanchez has stated last year that it was his dream to play for United.  Guess we'll have to wait and see.  You say highly unlikely and that players would have to leave, but it now looks like we have definately made an offer.  I suspect that Nani may well leave as part of a deal to bring in Sneijder if we get Sanchez.  Also, Barce tried to offer Bojan as part of the deal when they were in negotiations last week but Bojan refused to go to Udinese.
Or if we are lucky, this could spell the end of the Young deal. He has not signed yet and it has been longed out. Even if Nani were to leave, that would still be Young, Sanchez and Valencia and Park and for me that is still way too much. I have a feeling if Sanchez comes, it could mean the end of Berbatov as well. However, he is not coming to Utd. That is all fantasy, he will be joining Barca. We can't compete againt the wealth of City and the prestige of Barca.

But if United have bid for him, they must have a plan to fit him in or replace someone. Yes it is unlikely he will join, but I dont think they are bidding for the giggle of it do you?!

Actually we certainly can compete with both.  We have just as much prestige as Barca (they may be the better team at the moment but that won't last forever and we are as big a name globally, if not bigger, than they are), and Sanchez has stated in a interview TV last year that it is his dream to play for United.  As for City, they are reigning in their spending to try to comply with FFP rules, and will not be offering ridiculous amount for and too players like they were.  In any case, we have freed up approximately £300k to £400k per week from the wage budget with Scholes, VDS, Neville and Hargreaves leaving, meaning we can offer a substantial amount in wages.

He also stated his dream was to play at Barca just last week 


Provide some proof of that please, because I've been monitoring this closely and from what I have seen there have been no comments whatsoever from Sanchez.
Actually he stated his dream is to play for United since being a kid.
First lets make this clear, young is not a rival to sanchez. Sanchez all his career has played on the right and through the middle last yr. Young on the left and through the middle. Young stregthens our left which is our weakest position. He is not going anywhere for a long time tbh.

Sanchez is a one in a lifetime talent, the best copy of ronaldo around. He is better than nani and valencia hands down. He also is a better SS than rooney but that is another argument. He is good enough to be winning WPOTY. He works hard and is unselfish. This yr they made him play through the middle, a role he did not like and he did it quietly and arguably the best in the position in the serie A. He is a born footballer. If we can sign him we must try



6 assists 12 goals is not WPOTY form. Di Maria is a far better player than Sanchez. 18 assists 9 goals in La Liga. Nani has 18 assists and 9 goals in the so called best league in the world. Sanchez is not all that and there are better talents out there. 

Lol ask yourself zidandes statististical tally was the reason for nomination for the awards. Or when ronaldo joined us he was playing at the level.

He has the talent to be WPOTY easily. If he takes the step up then i promise you he will be spoken about it. Numbers are not what makes an argument alone.

Even then if nani can have 10 goals 20 assists. Sanchez can too. Our formation brings the best out of wingers and wingers thrive in our league. If sanchez plays as a winger ( which he did not last yr) he will outshine everyone in the league. No one combines pace with skill and end product like him since ronaldo. Watch him play a full 90 mins before blabbing
Again, good post, but its like banging your head against a brick wall with nolhman.



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