Scaremongering over Loic Remy is likely to be guesswork. Here's the medical lowdown.

The Sun have caused a bit of a stir with what initially seemed to be a throwaway line at the bottom of an article they did regarding Harry Redknapp's January signings. At the end of a list of Redknapp quotes justifying his purchases, they placed the following sentence:

'Remy faces THREE MONTHS out after picking up a groin injury in training on Friday. He will get the results of a scan later today.'

They MADE THE THREE MONTHS MASSIVE and not us. It's awful news for the player and club. A big signing who carried the risk of not being able to return to his best form, Remy had started really well and looked like he'd play a decent part in the club's quest for survival. That kind of timescale would almost rule Remy out for the rest of the season.

However, the claim doesn't make a whole lot of sense. Groin injuries are notoriously difficult to predict a comeback from, what can initially be a 2-3 week lay-off often ends up being double that. A player can think he's healed and if rushed back the whole thing can flare up again. 

Yet to say he faces three months out just sounds like a random figure. Groin injuries are usually underestimated rather than the opposite and the time The Sun have put on it is at neither end of the spectrum and just doesn't fit in.

For example, the British Medical Association say:

Most groin strains take approximately 4-6 weeks to heal, depending on the severity of injury. However, full fitness may not be regained for another 2 weeks. If there's surgery, the rehabilitation period is likely to be 3-6 months.

Physio Room say:

As a general rule, grade one Groin Strains should be rested from sporting activity for about 3 weeks, and grade two injuries for about 4 to 6 weeks. In the case of a complete rupture, the muscle may have to be repaired surgically and the rehabilitation afterwards will take at least 3 months.

Therefore, without surgery, it would be unlikely he'd be out for so long and if he has surgery it's likely to be for a longer period. Making what The Sun have said a total guess, let's see if they're 'lucky'. 

Information sources: British Medical Association Sports Injuries (DK), Physio Room, Core Performance, MD Guideline, Transfermarkt, Medicine Net, Coordinated Health. 

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