Tne years ago vs arsenal. 



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Apparently after he was left on the bench at anfeild and was out of the first team to accomodate veron. His own views on the matter

Isn't this really old news covered many times before. Sure I've heard, debated and opinionated about this many times.


You could go back a little further and talk about the likes of Carbone at Sheffield Wednesday and Pierre Van Hooijdonk at Nottm Forest, they both refused to play for their respective clubs and both went one step further in going AWOL too.


However, like with Scholes, they both played for their respective clubs again afterwards.  Both got their moves fairly soon afterwards too though.


The difference in all these instances is quite simple, the management.  Each was managed differently and, without doubt, Fergie managed the Scholes situation the best although probably easier because of the player involved and the situation at hand.


IMO, Mancini should have given himself time to think, if not about his decision then just about addressing the media.  By coming out with his comments he's made a platform in which everyone is now a spectator.  Everyone now has an opinion.  If they had kept it quiet, they could have sorted it in-house.

I've not seen it, apparently it is but they could have easily have shrugged it of as a disagreement about something else, Real Madrid and Figo did it a few years back.
Paul Scholes was fined 2 weeks wages and there was much controversey over it at the time, this is very old news!!!



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