Another late goal condemns us to defeat! Now 7 points off the play offs which will probably become 10 once the games in hand are played. It’s unlikely we’ll come back from this so it’s another year in the Championship!

We’ve certainly missed Grealish and I think we’d be better off if he had played but we’ll probably lose him now. Obviously we have to keep trying until it’s definitley over but maybe Smith should now start thinking about next season and which younger players he can bring through.


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Interesting that we were 7 points off the playoffs before this match and it hasn't got worse!!!

Nope, don't think the season is over, yet. But, it's worrying that we seem to have stalled, and it's annoying that we wouldn't have needed much improvement over the past recent matches to be knocking on the door of the playoffs.

The big unknown is, can we improve???

Difficult to see it until Jack is back. It's become clear that without him we don't have enough in this group of players to take charge of games enough to force a win. With him back we should be much more dangerous going forwards,

Think Smith is already thinking of next season which is why a number of the young players are out on loan. Also the players he's brought in with an option to buy are possibles being lined up for next season.

But, let's not give up yet.

I didn't expect to be in this division this long never mind another year but that's what you get when in transition and we have made some really bad decisions about players and managers. It is now quite clear that we don't have the skill to get out of this with the players we have. Losing Grealish has been a big blow but we bought others like Hourihane etc to create and they don't. We now loan out another £12m centre forward, Dean must have been laughing all month when Bruce bought Hogan.

We have spent money badly and its time to consolidate where we are, I have faith in Dean but am now resigned to this division for the foreseeable future. 

I really hope I am wrong but we are so far behind it hurts it really hurts.

Its getting to be the same old story every time we have a manager .

That is you have to give him time to put his own squad together with the players he wants in playing the way he wants the team to play .

This is ok and is the way things should be done .

Then comes the big but what is the norm recently at Villa is that some fan's and that is myself included start to get itchy trigger fingers and start to call for the managers head after a run of bad results or questionable performances .

That said no manager whatever there pedigree should be given a unlimited length of time to get things right there is a point where you have to say enough is enough and fire the boss .

Thankfully calls for Smith's head have not started yet and most Villa fans are still happy with him but i would say that in 4/5 games time if we do not hit some form then these voices will start . 

The fact is imo you can forget Jack he will be gone at seasons end we may even be better of leaving him out till he is fully match fit let him have his swan song in the last few games hope he turns on the style and we get top dollar for him .

The squad we have now is made up from bits and pieces from 3/4 different managers squads .

This cannot be a good base for any new manager to start from some of the players in our squad are not just past there sell by date but are not far of antique status . Jedninak and Hutton are the stand out two more often than not they have been liabilities this season .

Smith needs to be ruthless and as we have said many times in so many seasons in the close season cut all the dead wood out he should now look to finish mid table this season blood as many of our youngsters as possible and make full use of the game time our loan players will get whilst playing else where .

The one thing the Club do not need is a get Smith out campaign we as fans called for him to replace Bruce and agreed with his hiring now we should give him a proper chance if that means no promotion or playoffs this season i would be happy with that .

We can only live in hope .



When you know where a manager is taking you and it's nowhere, that's the time to get itchy fingers. TBH I was never too keen on Bruce, and after 4 months would have ditched him, certainly after the end of his first season. His bizarre January signings of a clutch of players who he then didn't want to play smacked too much of his time at Sunderland.

On the other hand, I think RDM was ditched far too early. Don't know if it would have worked, but he wasn't here long enough to find out.

Smith looks a good bet to me. He's having to get the best out of a horribly unbalanced squad (thank you Steve), and what he did at Brentford shows what he can do, and that's with players who aren't star quality. He needs the chance to do the same here, hopefully with better players, which unless things go ballistic means at least 18 months.

Thankfully I think the owners know what they're doing. And they know getting promotion this year is iffy.

Not 100% certain that Jack will go if we don't get promotion. Think it depends partly on what the prospects are here next season. We don't know what PL offers he will, or won't, get next season.

Season 100% done now, I thought it was before WBA.

We have to give Smith the time to put his own squad together and hope we don't get hit by FFP, so he can offload the old guys and bring in some younger ones to pep up this team. I have faith that he can do a good job.

Some idiots on Facebook already calling for him to go, but might of course be Blues.

You can't make a silk purse from a sows ear.

I think Jack will stay another season tbh, unless we get a huge offer, which is unlikely at the moment.

It’s a huge disappointment that we are where we are and it is all from the past. Shocking decisions since Lerner lost interest, we have wasted so much money on mediocrity some not even that good, at least we lose many of the players who contribute nothing to the club in the summer.

Bruce put a shocking set of players together and Smith seemingly can’t get them playing the way he wants, he needs time to get his own players around him. Another youngster blooded today it’s good to see.

I am resigned to another season in the cumpionship, if we had gone up last year we would have been straight back and I think it’s just too much to take the club up with these players, Smith needs time to mould the club.

Sad really but that’s our lot for now. Dean is the man.


It's arguable as to whether RDM was sacked too soon, but Bruce was effectively two years wasted. Or more; it isn't over yet. The squad needs a thorough sort out, whether we stay or get promoted, and it looks like we're staying. We need players of the age and fitness of Brentford. We ought to expect players with more quality than Brentford. We need players who fit the plan.

There's nothing more depressing than losing, except maybe the feeling that the season has fizzled out. For the sake of the club I hope Dean can get some performances going, but it's not going to be easy.

At least the owners seem to be in it for the long term, and that's probably the biggest hope for the future.



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