After a long and hard season, Aston Villa has yet again retained their position in the best league in the world, being the Premier League. 

The season started of with a long and exciting search for a new manager after seing the much discussed McLeish leave Villa Park after doing about everything possible to anger the Villa faithfulls. None of us wanted another saga like that one and demanded that Mr. Lerner and Mr. Faulkner brought someone that could bring this club forward. 

Names were thrown all over the place. Mr. Whelan again came out and told the world that Villa was to small for Martinez and Solkjaer was flown over from Norway. It was an exciting period and finally it looked like Aston Villa was going to get a young, attacking manager. Things were looking up. 

Paul Lambert ended up being the person given the opportunity to steer our club out of the mud. The Villa faithfulls welcommed the former Norwich manager in a completely different way than their previous manager. Things were looking up. 

The papers were linking us to a number of profiled players and fans, including me, were expecting big name signings over the summer to ensure our status as a Premier League club next season. 

This was not to happen. Mr. Lambert went in the complete opposite direction and bought a bunch of younger, inexperienced players from the UK, some unknown talents from the UK as well as bringing back Guzan after he was released by the former manager. The Villa supporters were left puzzeled by this and Aston Villa was doomed for relegation by some pundits and former players. 

The season started as some predicted and after losing to West Ham in the first match of the season, VIlla looked even poorer than last season when being chrused 3-1 by Everton. The alarm bells started ringing. 

The season went on, and Villa took one beating after the other, losing to Southampton 4-1 and Man City 5-0. But the worst was still to come. After beating Liverpool at Anfield in one of the most memorable matches in rescent years, everything went wrong. Aston Villa was beaten by Chelsea 8-0, Spurs 4-0 and Wigan 3-0 before they crashed out of both the League Cup and FA Cup against Bradford and Millwall respectivly. Still January, many doomed Villa for relegation with the club failing to sign any established players in the transferwindow. 

February started with Villa giving away a 3-1 lead against Everton, a game which ended 3-3. But it was something with the game. The players looked more up for it and the young players looked like Premier League quality. There was a positive mood around Villa Park. 

The next game it was West Ham that got to feel the revitalised Villa side, loosing 2-1 to the real Claret & Blues. 

Constantly improving, the young Villa side won vital games against relegation rivals Reading, QPR and Stoke before hammering Sunderland 6-1 at Villa Park, showing how far the side had come since the miserable January month. 

Despite loosing to Chelsea in their last home game of the season, it was not the result that was the focus after the game, with former captain, Stilyan Petrov entering the field for the lap of honour. It was an emotional moment for everyone connected to the club and showed us all that life is actually more than just football. One of the greatest players ever to play at Aston Villa had retired from football. 

With Wigan playing Arsenal after winning the FA cup final just days later, Villa could be secured another season in the Premier League. Wigan went on and lost the game 4-1 and everybody connected to Aston Villa could sigh in relief. Aston Villa had retained their place in the Premier League. 

After a long and hard season in the Premier League, the first step of rebuilding this famous football club has been completed. Randy Lerner, Paul Faulkner and Paul Lambert played a very high stake game with the once Champions of Europe and it paid of in the end. 

Now starts the second part of the rebuilding for the trio in charge at Aston Villa. This summer is the most important one for the club in many years, with keeping our top players being the top priority. Villa has previously sold of their biggest assets when the big clubs came calling, but this year it looks different. It is a new determination to succeed at Aston Villa. For the first time in years, the club is keeping their current manager in the summer, who is looking to create something special at Villa Park. 

Now, the only way for this great club is up. The positive mood, the talented players and staff and the brilliant support shown by our great supporters speaks of a togetherness not seen anywhere else in the league. The future is bright for Aston Villa and the club is now prepared to climb the table to yet again become one of the greatest clubs in England. 

Up the Villa! 

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Just a little something here to reflect scoring just 5 more goals could have had us comfortably in the top 10.

Actual results:  Villa 1  Norwich 1              With extra goal:   Villa 2  Norwich 1

                       Villa 0  Stoke 0                                           Villa 1  Stoke 0

                       Villa 0  Southampton 1                                Villa 1  Southampton 1

                       Villa 1  Newcastle 2                                     Villa 2  Newcastle 2

                       Villa 1  Fulham 1                                         Villa 2  Fulham 1

None of these 'improved' results are unrealistic, nor would they have been remotely viewed as surprises, but the effect would have been that Villa would be facing Wigan on Sunday in 9th place, level on points with the Baggies and, quite probably, poised to finish 8th by taking a point off Wigan, while Albion lose to Man.U.

Just five lousy goals, spread over the season, and Lambert would have been the toast of B6.

You could add the surrender of late goals at Swansea,Everton,man utd,WBA to name a few and we could of been safe and even chasing euro spot!
But there again I could of got 6numbers instead of4 and I wouldn't be worrying about bills,school fees and an expensive wife, who thinks she needs to shop to survive!
Onwards and upwards!,

an expensive wife! LOOOOL. funniest thing in SW for f ing ages! fair play!

I take it the good lady wife was an expensive acquisition and running costs are proving prohibitive as well! lol

"... shop to survive!"  Brilliant.

Very well done PL and the lads.

We have demonstrated that we don't need highly paid mercenaries at our club- just good young players hungry for success. They can only get better.

I assume that the wage bill now looks more sensible, so we can fend off offers for Benteke by giving him more cash- DESERVED unlike the Irelands and Beyes of this world.

Our first choice XI is a great little team, with the possible exception of Bennett (though he is getting better); I have faith in PL to bring in  one or two cheap potential gems either from abroad or from the lower leagues.

With this young team we can only get better.


I just read that Shay given and his wife of 12 years split up in march. they have 4 kids together i think

that must of had an effect on his form this year too

oh well 



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