We should definitely sell him. He is not a good defender. His pathetic challenge for Belgium's third goal, shows that he is basically a poor defender. I said as much last season when he was turned so easily against Sunderland at Villa Park. He was also muscled out of it by Dembele against Spurs. I am sick that Ireland might be going out of Euro 2016 because of schoolboy errors and pub football by various players.

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To be fair, the game was gone at 2-0.

The second goal was the killer, and for that goal, the whole team has to be held culpable. They stood of Belgium - as they seemed to do the whole game - and got severely punished for it.

I was watching in a pub, and i knew they were going to get punished as the move began for the second goal.

If you let quality players have time and space on the ball, they will punish you and that is exactly what happened. 

Yes, Clark made a poor decision for the third goal - but the game was dead and buried before that. We just have to hope we can beat the Italians - who will definitely be resting players - especially those on yellow cards. 

Couldn't agree more with you. I've said for at least three years Clark is not good enough.He is always capable of getting you a header ( goal ) but the modern defender has pace and is comfortable on the ball,I honestly can't see our new manager playing him.

Sell him now before his value drops even more in the season when he's parked on the bench.
Would we be able to replace Clark with anyone any better? We are a Championship club and therefore quite lucky to have a current Irish international. We have to be realistic. Clark is probably a better bet than Lessons or Richards. Clark and Okore has often looked our best partnership over the past two seasons.

Tommy Elphick signed, a decent buy and according to Di Matteo a model professional, let's hope some of that rubs off on the others!!

Buy Robbie Brady (and Shane Duffy too) I am buzzing now. Come on you boys in Green !



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