Not signings this time just selling.

Selling Baker to Bristol is a mad move in my book, he's probably not as good as Cahill but I am still sore that Mon sold him and replaced him with Knight, now is history to repeat itself replacing Baker with Samba.

Never really understood the mind of a football manager and this one keeps Flabby. 

Absolute madness in my view. Lets get promoted and Bruce out.

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Think it's crazy. Baker made the odd mistake last season, but fact remains that he and Chester formed one of the meanest defensive partnerships in the division. I can see the sense in signing Terry, but we don't know how many games he'll play. Maybe Samba could add something useful, but we don't really know, and again we don't know how many games he has in him. Crazy.

Couldn't agree more!  Samba and Terry are going to be in and out most likely, due to age, knocks, fatigue etc.  Baker - at the very least - would have been good cover for either of them.

I've always liked Baker - his loyalty, his courage, his team-spiritedness - and can only say I hope he does really well at Bristol City.  Our loss will surely be their gain! 

I thought we got Terry in to add experience for our younger defenders to learn from with Samba as a squad cover player, not Terry and Samba leading the back line and letting our good younger players go to make our rivals stronger.

I wrote when Bruce came in, he was an old school English style coach who prefers older players to the youth, he is proving me right. Shocking decision but not a shock. The stick I got on Vital villa for saying he was a dinosaur.

This is the man who raves gabby as like having a new signing.

The pressure this will put on Bruce if we are not in the top 6 from the word go.

Don't get this move at all, couldn't we have just payed up the contracts on Gabby, Richards to clear the books as nobody wants them?

I agree with you guys on this one. I think Terry, Samba and Chester are the top 3 in Bruces mind, but surely Baker was number 4. Terry and Samba re unlikely to play 2 games per week, so we need back up.

Surely Elphick is off. So a strange decision, but maybe forced by Baker himself, who knows.

Villa 0-0 Watford.

Defence not troubled. Midfield OK. But no pressure in the opposition's box. Same old. Either Bruce isn't taking these matches seriously or we're in trouble. We need to score goals.

Hard to beat. I think that is what he wants early doors. Expect a few 0-0's until Kodjia is back to full fitness.

Get a grip Bosko you are suggesting as I have many times we only have reliable goal scoring forward are you really suggesting that we will make promotion even when he is ?

Its is impossible to only have 1 forward who will score goals at even 1 from 3 matches

to attain promotion - who else will contribute to score at min of 65 goals this season ?

You cannot get promotion with 0-0 draws ??

We play Hull this weekend without a recognised goal scoring forward are you banking on 0-0 ? or do you think that maybe we will sneak a win ?

Don't know why he doesn't play Hogan and Gabby together. Neither is ideal on their own. Gabby is looking fast and lively at the moment. Hogan is fast and picks good positions. Put the two together and they could be a handful.

Only a fool would believe that Flabby was the man to score goals for us.

Are you that man Bruce?



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