Signs contract till summer 2018.

Must say that was a lot quicker by the board then I'd expected.

Not sure what to think. He has very little experience and to summer 2018? I'd have gave him to the summer to prove himself first.

I'm not overjoyed in fact I'm quiet worried, this is indeed a coin toss! , but let's get behind him and hope we can turn it around.

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I'm not surprised at all by his appointment, but I am surprised he's got a three year contract. I'm not overly confident he can keep us up but if he can galvanise the players and try to attack a bit, it's got to be better than Lambert of late.

The fans need to back him and the team, let's see what he can do. Who knows, if we stay up we might get sold in the summer and things could change again.

we didt have a huge pool to choose from but I think we could do better, even in the bottom three we are a massive club.
According to the official site - "we've secured the services of one of english footballs most sought after managers"

I wonder who told them that!?
Probably Sherwood or his agent. Must admit I'm not exactly brimming with confidence over this appointment- doesn't sound like they looked at any other candidates and that worries me. Smacks of desperation. Hope I'm wrong.

I hope it works, because keeping up has to be the priority. I think its chancy, even dodgy. If he can reinvigorate the team without causing mayhem in the dressing room it may work out well, but from his time in charge at Spurs constructive man management doesn't seem to be on his radar. Maybe he's learnt.

I also hope, desperately, that we have a change of owner by the summer. Lerner got the appointment of MON right and did a lot of good investment in the infrastructure early on, but apart from that its been misguided to dire. Sometime, sometime, I hope we can go back to an owner who is capable, ambitious and also has an understanding of the modern game. Come the summer can we keep our best players, and add good ones? I don't know, but perceptions of the owner's ambitions are key.

Very true McP, Lambert was only the tip of the problem, our issues lay mainly with the chairman. Whether we stay up will have a big bearing on whether he can sell up this summer. Even if we do there are no guarantees that someone will want us. Although I suspect the tv money might help the cause.

Just one point though, didn't Doug Ellis put Martin O'Neil In charge before he handed over? I believe it was the last thing he did for us.

Officially it was Ellis who signed MON, but the Learner deal was all but dusted. MON had a guarantee that Ellis would have no more say in the running of the club, and it was Learner's advisers who recommended MON.

I've often wondered what would have happened if O'Leary had stayed; I think he was better than he as given credited for. Ellis effectively hung him out to dry.

This seems like a desperate appointment to give our owner and board the appearance of having the Clubs best interests at heart when in fact it's a ill thought out plan to give a manager with so little experience such a long contact .

I will support him and hope he proves me wrong but i have my doubts about that .

He wouldn't have been my choice but we have moaned the last two, probably three managers out of the club so we must give him the benefit of the doubt and get behind him supporting him fully.

We can take stock of it in the summer and either continue to support him and the team or start yet another moan.

Onwards and upwards
Yes, we've got more to achieve by getting behind him than not. He might surprise us all and do a great job, nobody really knows for sure. Let's see where we are come May.

No mention of him taking charge for tomorrow's game yet?

By the way, Bent has just scored for Derby, 5th goal in 6 games. Paul, your biggest mistake.

Stop harping on about Bent as if he's some kind of saviour. If he was that good he wouldn't be on loan in the Championship. We couldn't give him away last summer or this January. Past his prime. An effective goal poacher but how would that have helped us this season?

Start of the season the bomb squad were given a fresh chance. Hutton has taken his and N'Zogbia performed well in patches. Bent however has been ineffective for a long time in a Villa shirt.Can't hold the ball up, never wins a header and doesn't run the channels. Perfect for the championship where he just hangs around the area as evidenced today.

Not a saviour. Just a goalscorer, if you can remember what one of those is. Bent was effective in a Villa shirt for as long as he actually played.



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