Signs contract till summer 2018.

Must say that was a lot quicker by the board then I'd expected.

Not sure what to think. He has very little experience and to summer 2018? I'd have gave him to the summer to prove himself first.

I'm not overjoyed in fact I'm quiet worried, this is indeed a coin toss! , but let's get behind him and hope we can turn it around.

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I can remember what a goalscorer is, his name's Benteke. Who when he fires will save us this season. No sniping from him when he was on the bench same goes for lowton,bacuna, Richardson who've all spent long period on the bench.

Billy big boots thinks he's better than he actually is. There's a reason he's scoring in the championship. It's the championship.

I hope benteke does starts firing and very soon.

Bent had a record of almost 1 in 2 when he joined villa. Still better than 1 in 3 for villa. I know we don't like strikers who just stand around doing nothing but scoring fluky goals by just happening to be in the right place at the right time. We like like strikers who work there socks off. Then pick themselves up and go again.
At the moment I'd love to have a team that scored better than 1 in ever 3 games let alone one player. Recall him even if it's just to give the hard working lets go again strikers a bit of competition I say.
Christ at least he most be full of confidence.
The rest of the team look like being in the championship soon so maybe he can give em some tips.
Now i have had a little time to think about this appointment i hope my word's of warning i posted on this site a month or so ago are not bore out .

I stated to fan's then when the Lambert out fan base started gathering pace they need to be very careful about what they are wishing for and also ask themselves which manager with any credibility and top quality experience would come and manage Villa with present constraints in place .

The events today have now proven we are unable to attract a manager who has genuine top quality experience as they are not willing to put there hard earned reputation on the line at a Club with a uncertain ownership issue and highly questionable funding available , Lambert had to go and yes i will give Sherwood my full support and i do genuinely want him to succeed and we stay up my main concern is over the contract length . I could have started gloating and said " I told you so " but that's a tacky Vital Villa stunt .

We can only pray it comes good come seasons end


Not sure about being unable to attract a top manager. I suspect we didn't seriously try. I think this appointment has been weeks in the making. I'm guessing, but I don't think Fox and Lambert hit it off; Fox's "too risky to change managers" thing a couple of weeks ago was hardly a ringing endorsement. Fox may have made his mind up some time ago that if things slipped too far he'd ditch Lambert, and he needed somebody lined up for a quick takeover. Apparently Sherwood has attended several matches over the last few weeks; it's possible that Fox was in on it. He may have decided that Sherwood was good enough, and he didn't want to prolong things by having a broad shortlist.

If I'm right, then it's as much the club not having the ambitions to go for a top manager as a top manager not wanting to come. Although in fact the ambitions seem simply to keep in the top flight, and you're right; that won't attract top managers.  The "relying on the academy" thing is a bit naive; it worked at Southampton, but the most important thing there was having a top football-savvy CEO.

Let's face it. This club will be a shambles until it's sold, the sooner the better. If Lerner resumed a long-term commitment it might be different. As it is, attracting the right players, keeping the best players, and interesting top managers in future, will be difficult.

Still, Sherwood's here. Let's hope he gets the team firing, with goals in particular, rather than simply creating carnage in the dressing room.



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