So no time has been wasted by the Board and Tim has gone with Kevin Mac in charge for now.

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I'm sad, because I wanted him to succeed, but 4 points from 30 is no good and he had to go.

Who know who will be next? I'd like Moyes or Pearson from the ones mentioned.

The phrase dead man walking spring's to mind regarding what has happened to Sherwood this season .

He has to take some of the blame for the position we are in at the moment but and it is a big but is which manager with good experience and a half decent record would take on this post at a club that is in as much turmoil as ours is at the moment .

The owner has only passing interest in the club's affair's now he is openly looking to sell the club you have footballing decision's regarding recruitment and club progression being made by people who have very little or no experience in the game which manager would put there hard earned reputation on the line and come to manage a club that has all these restriction's in place .

The only hope for our club is for Learner find's a buyer sooner rather than later and the new owner will not treat our club as a rich man's toy as he has done for a good few season's and also we can get a manager of some quality and experience in and only hope he is left alone with his coach's to get on with the footballing affair's and keep the pen pusher's with there stat's and theories out of harm's way and hopefully we can save our premiership status this season and move forward next season to make progression up the table .

My personal choice would be Moyes but I cannot see him coming to Villa and working under such a flawed senior management structure . I would say let the new manager manage the player's and there performance and keep the back room staff pushing there pen's without interfering in footballing issue's .

The wrighting has been on the wall for tim for some time now and I do to a certain extent feel sorry for him and how he has been treated but now it is a case of waiting and hoping for better thing's to happen at out club.



Totally with you. We have big problems, and we will have big problems as long as Lerner remains owner. I'd be surprised if any of the better names mentioned are on the club's radar.

I just hope they take their time and find the right man. Leave Kmac in charge for now as he wont do any worse and scout around a bit. We've got to get it right after the last 3 disasters - how much money have we paid in compensation that could have been spent on players?

Southampton managed to find Pochettino and then Koeman. Leicester got Ranieri. Look at the great jobs they did/are doing. Why can't we find someone like that? No disrespect but we're a bigger club (or should be)!

I've no idea who will come and I'm sure we'll end up with another failed Premier League manager and be in the same boat down the road. In the meantime I'll keep hoping for an end to this nightmare.

If i had a choice between Moyes & Pearson id plump for the latter because if he tells you to do a job on the pitch, you would do it!

He also got Leicester playing for each other and they went on a great run.

Out of interest if our former manager is using twitter, he's posting some crackers :D

Remi Garde is currently 1-6 on to take the job. I'd be happy with him from what I hear he did well at Lyon, had played in the premier league with Arsenal and will know our French players. Young and dynamic but still poses a risk.
I am a bit sad as I liked Tim, he was entertaining and had some energy about him. After listening to the dullest men in football in McLeish and Lambert for so long he was a breath of fresh air. A likeable chap but he didn't get the results we needed and ultimately that's what matters.

We had some good times, the Second half cup game against Leicester when he went in at half time and buzzed the players up. The FA cup semi final. The wins against Spurs and this season Blues. But, there were more downs than ups and he had to go.

We can't afford to let him learn the ropes in charge of our club, it was only heading one way.
I think that Moyes would be a huge mistake, you could say he has something to prove but equally, what has he really achieved? We just had a dull Scotsman and I am not keen to try another.

Pearson is interesting he did get Leicester playing and I felt he was treated rather badly by them although he is slightly bonkers.

Kevin Mac will be ok for now so we are in no rush it's more important we get it right this time we have had three goes at it since O'Neill nearly ruined us.

I don't agree Rizla that Lerner has only a passing interest in the club, he has bundles invested and staying in the premier is important for him to get some money back.

I haven't a clue who we should get but please get it right this time.
I actually have no idea where we go from here or who our next manager will be. I don't know enough about Garde or the type of football he plays and Rodgers or Moyes don't exactly fill me with excitement or hope. Pearson did well at Leicester with the resources available- and was sacked (as far as I know) for non footballing reasons but had a difficult relationship with the media near the end of his spell so I'm not sure how he'd handle himself considering the predicament we are in at Villa. I feel sorry for Sherwood and hope our new manager has as much passion as Tim did, only with a lot more tactical awareness and ability to read games and set out the team accordingly. What's frustrating is that in my opinion we have a really good squad of players and the right manager should be able to work with them and get results- something Tim couldn't do.
I completely agree WOD!
Liked sherwood as a person but he lacked tactical nous. Doubt if we will see him back in the game as a manager for a while but as a pundit, definitely.
I hope kozak gets his chance and does well.

Not sure what the press are on about our recruitment for, if Tactics had been given free reign we would have Adebayor, Lennon and Berbatov in the team!

Not sure what the media are on about. "Players not good enough" is a common theme. There seems to be wide agreement amongst us Villa fans that the players we bought from abroad are an exciting bunch, even with the lack of PL experience. Most (but not all) the performances we've put in have been good in the sense of being in the game, no matter who we've played; individual errors have cost us a lot.



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