So no time has been wasted by the Board and Tim has gone with Kevin Mac in charge for now.

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I agree we have the squad to be doing much better than what we have. To me the fact that we had such a inexperienced coach who admitted he didn't know his best squad,said it all about him as a coach.
Very excited about the guy we are being linked with,Garde,no prem experience but worked well ,did well with a young Lyon outfit.
Sick of the British manager merry go round who are getting very rich for being poor.
All for a European manager who talks the language of all our players.
Best news in a long time if this comes about.

i dont know. i have read that when he took over Lyon - they were the most successful French club for the last decade. He then took them to less then desirable finished and even out of the Champions League (albeit under restructuring). There is quite a long article here

If he could get us into the Europa League he'd be doing brilliantly!  The previous decade at Lyon is irrelevant; when he took over the club were in a mess, similar in some ways to Villa when Lerner pulled the plug. He did pretty well according to other reports, and also stood up to the club hierarchy over the matter of them wanting to sell players he thought were crucial.

Whoever wrote the article seems to have little clue of what the situation is at Villa. He's writing off players like Ayew and Veretout, and thinks Westwood is a crucial player.

The main problem we have had since the squad overhaul for me is the so called experienced player's falling woefully short in there performances when they really needed to be on the top of there game .

The other main factor is the schoolboy error's leading to goal's and defeat's .

The more I read about Gardi the more I think he could be the answer to our problem's working with Lyon with a very limited budget winning a cup and that was with a very youthful squad . The other name that has come up on several betting site's is Murat Yakin the ex FC Basil manager who also had a good deal of success working within a tight budget at that club .

The thing our Club need's to do now is get a new manager in a.s.a.p and stick with him and most importantly leave the management and coaching of the player's to him we as fan's must play our part by giving the new man time to sort out this mess without starting the call's for his head after a few bad result's.



I willing to bet that what ever the club do whoever we appoint whom ever we sign in January...

We're doomed either and all ways.

We're in a rut and were not gonna get out of it.
There's positivity for you.

You're right that that we're in a hole (now who said that!). BUT, the teams above us are struggling. Norwich, Newcastle and Bournemouth have all at some point been thrashed. A load of other teams have 3-0 losses. Our worst result is 2-0 against Chelsea; all our other loses have been by a single goal. We consistently haven't done well enough to avoid losing, but equally we've done well enough to make the losses pretty close. There is something significant there for the new manager to work on.

If the new manager can keep the competitive aspects of our performances, reduce the errors, improve the scoring, then we'll climb out of the hole no problem. Whoever takes the job has a big challenge, but I reckon it's an achievable challenge.

Those in the media who are saying we are simply not good enough don't see the true picture. Teams who you can say at this stage of the season are almost certainly for the drop are those who are putting in horrendous performances; we aren't. Our performances are not good enough but they aren't that bad, and it's different from the team not being good enough. We can recover. And as the season wears on we at last have some depth in the squad, which will count.

BELIEVE!!! We have a big chance to get out of this. If we pick the right manager.

I agree 100% with McP, this squad is good enough, it just needs some fine tuning and we will get out of this.

2 wins is all we need to get out the hole,drag other worse teams in than us. Couldn't see Sherwood doing this as he looked void of ideas. Get the next coach right and we should be fine.
We have a very good squad that could push on if we stay up,I believe we will now but only if we avoid another Brit coach.
At Lyon ,they were in free fall from the glory days when he took over.PSG had suddenly become the new money bags team that could outspend all in the French league,it killed the French league.
He did a cracking job to keep them up the top half of the table on a shoestring budget with the youth set up as his squad.
If we get him, I think we will be fine. Really happy with this direction the club are aiming for but supporting villa means the oppersite will happen. We will end up with Moyels.
We are on the edge of a hole,the wrong choice could see us drop,the correct choice,it will be a nice view watching others fall around us.
SSN reporting that Garde will only come if he can bring his no. 2 but he works for another club who are refusing to release him. Apparently Newcastle tried in the summer and it didn't happen.

If it's true then it means that Lyon can stop Garde getting any job simply by refusing to release Baticle, his old No 2. Which seems strange to me. Norwich tried to stop Lambert taking Culverhouse and Karsa with him but it didn't work. Garde must have been aware from before that this could happen, so that the fact that he's talking to us may mean that he thinks the opposition can be overcome.

I'm guessing, but I think Baticle could just resign, although he might have to work out his notice (as Houllier did before coming to us) and Lyon could demand compensation. Garde doesn't strike me as the sort of person who would back down; he's stood up to Lyon before.

The shock name that is now being mentioned to replace Sherwood is Poyet if this is true and he is the standard of manager we are looking to appoint to avoid relegation and develop our Club then my thought's on our owner and his vision for our Club have been proven .

He now only has passing interest in our Club and its running and is running it on a shoe string budget if Lerner cannot come up with a realistic compensation package for the Club's that would be involved with Garde's chosen coaching staff then this prove's to me he is running our Club on a


basis he is desperate so to sell our Club would it not be beneficial to his wish to have Villa in the premiership and not in the Championship when trying to sell ? .

The worst that could happen is that we appoint a second rate manager on the cheap and we end up getting relegated if that happened that would be the final straw in regard's to our owner's action's for me . This would serve Lerner right ! .

My message to our owner is get your act together protect what you have and get your pocket's and wallet opened to recruit a decent manager who may well keep us in the premiership so you can sell our Club at a price acceptable to you .



If Poyet really is on the list (and this may just creative press rumour) then why isn't Laudrup? A far better manager who had Swans on a good run in the Europa League.

At the moment the problem with Garde seems to be that Lyon have decided to be difficult. Maybe they're just trying to maximise the compensation, which might be understandable. If that's the case then some compromise ought to be possible. Unless they demand a stupid figure, or Lerner really has tied the purse strings. Somehow I doubt it; he's getting Garde himself for free; if he brought in Moyes he'd have to pay compensation, so the money must be there.



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