A story has been growing over the last week or so about match fixing at the 1978 World Cup and how Argentina progressed with a convenient win over Peru.

That World Cup had two group phases and in the second Argentina needed to win by four goals over Peru to advance at the expense of Brazil. 

Peruvian Senator Genaro Ledesma has said that the result was agreed between the dictatorships of both countries before the match started and was part of an agreement sending 13 Peruvian dissidents to Argentina where they were tortured. 

There's often been talk about how easy it seemed for Argentina to thrash Peru 6-0 that day, and now the truth seems to be coming to light. Have a look for yourself: 

So should Argentina be forced to hand back the victory and have their 1978 World Cup victory erased from the record books? Former striker Leopoldo Luque has since said "With what I know now, I can't say I'm proud of my victory."

This isn't merely fixing a game but fixing it to enable the torture of political dissidents. Time to hand the cup back?

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Given Argentina's recent concern trip to the moral high ground about the Falklands and taking the matter to the UN then surely they'll be willing to hand the trophy back over without question? 

I wasn't aware of this but YES! The result - and any that followed - should be erased from history.

Not only that but the current Argentina side should be banned completely from the next World Cup. As sporting crimes go, can it possibly ever get worse than this? The punishment has to fit the crime.

Cheats should never ever be allowed to prosper for starters (so while we're at it the Argentinians should be stripped of the '86 title as well...) but the premeditated political nature of this makes it 10 times worse than your average cheating/match fixing scenario..

That's the point isn't it. People probably died because of this, families never saw their loved ones again and a dictatorship managed to get rid of a few people who disagreed.

Can it get much worse as a reason for fixing a football match?

Nope! I can't believe I didn't even know this. When I recall the number of times that I was (involuntarily) subjected to images of David Haye's bruised toe, it really beggars belief that there isn't more coverage/debate about this. 

I think they should be striped of it, all match's found to be fixed should, but the nature of this is just shocking,



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