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Ufortunately this may be true. We are still short IMO. RL and AM are taking a big gamble on the kids. Let's hope they're right.
I sincerely doubt it is true!

I can only see one other player coming... and thats is dependant on a few things.


If Cuellar goes I believe Lerner will give the money for Dann.


Surely BFB you have heard the rumours circulating? Dann wants out.


Does anyone know if Birmingham have paid the 20% clause on Gardner? Also if Cahill moves we'll be entitled to 20% of that fee.


I wouldn't be suprised though if nothing happens. Think there is faith in the quality of the squad.


Don't think Alan Hutton's coming our way then?


I don't think you need him, you have better players already.
I agree, would much rather see the money go on Dann. He and Clark could build a partnership for years to come..............

Think Central is more important.


Young, Warnock and Clark are good Fullbacks. Dunne, Collins and Clark though i don't think is strong enough. If Hutton was £1.5/2m but Spurs want nearer £5m.

£5m, are they serious?!
Roughly what they paid for him a few years ago.  Still fairly young too.
true, but they missed out on selling him before for wanting too much.
Randy lerner as one other big problem at the moment, the US debt is crippling most financial institutions at the moment so he his playing safe, i don't mind tightening the budget at the villa as it will happen at the majority of clubs sooner or later, producing youth and looking long term will be the norm, that's why big eck as been pinched from the blouses to tighten the wages and build for the future.
Aren't sunderland owned by a yank you dont see them tightening the purse strings



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