It is reported that we cannot spend money on any signings unless we sell first to raise the money, due to the FFP.

That's fair enough in my book, we have signed £70m worth of talent (?????) and we are still shite, so to try and manage what we have, with one or two notable exits, Flabby obviously and that first class muppet McCormack is a decent plan.

Time to manage all of you, the manager and the board.

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Hmm. Don't know what happened there. One reply generated 2 blank replies... Here's another go.

Dead right Andy. Xia mentioned FFP last January. It was pretty obvious then that we were spending this summer's money early, in order to get the players we wanted in and up to speed before the summer. Good idea and thanks to Xia for backing it. Pity it hasn't anywhere near clicked, but that's where we are.

I'm convinced we have some very good players, for the Championship. We have probably the strongest squad in the division, at least on paper. It's time to stop throwing yet more money at it. It's time we put the work in to get this squad performing to the level it really ought to be capable of.

I'm all in favour of getting rid of unwanted players, mainly those on loan abroad. What I don't want to happen is for Bruce to start slashing the main squad simply to bring in more of his own players. We need stability. We need to build on what we have. It's what other clubs, including those who've achieved promotion or who are challenging for it, have to do.

I still have big doubts about whether Bruce is the man for the job. He hasn't done it for me so far. I'm sure there are managers out there who could make a success of what we have.

Seems that when we sold Sinclair and Traore then clauses were added to the deal to ensure we had extra money depending on their success, so that could generate some extra loot. Sinclair certainly has had a top season; Traore hasn't done badly in a failing Middlesborough side, so possibly a PL club will come in for him.

Our net spend last year was probably more like £45m than £70m. £30m in the summer, and the January signings more or less paid for themselves, except for Scott Hogan.

In the summer there appears to have been £52m spent and £16m received, £36m net. In January £20 out and £16m in, net £4m.

All in all that makes £40 net for the year, not £45, but the sources used seem to think that Hogan cost £9m not £15m. Not sure which is right. Possibly the higher figure includes add-ons like a promotion fee.



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