Going from wondering whether this summer is going to be a relatively dismal one of loosing players we want to keep and struggling to get in players we'd like, it now seems to me it could be a good, or at least interesting one. Things seem to be hotting up, both in and out. Current state as of  today seems to be:-

Already here

Micah Richards, Scott Sinclair. Both welcome

Already gone

Weimann, Lowton. Bit sad really, but probably good for them. And if it's a signal that we are genuinely looking to rebuild the side with top quality players, good for us.


Strong rumours that he's about to sign for £9m. Would be great for two reasons if it's true. A strong player, DM who recently has become more of an AM. If true it shows we can beat the likes of West Ham, Southampton, Crystal Palace and Marseille for a player, a sign of new ambitions at the club. And if true then those ambitions and the money to go with them could mean that the club has been sold.

Alternatively could mean that Delph is going and he's the replacement. Not so good but a good signing anyway. If it's true.


Again, rumours of strong interest. An AM. Looks a good player. Cleverley replacement?


LB and current Ajax captain. Would fulfill a real need.

Possibly/probably out

Benteke, Delph, Vlaar. Not sorry if Vlaar goes, as he effectively has done. Still hoping the others stay. Delph mainly because of his influence, although technically I think he can be replaced. Benteke because he scores goals, and we would need some real class strikers to replace him, with none in sight at the moment.

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If e can also get Sanchez playing like he does for Columbia we have another serious midfielder on our hands as well, which would lessen the blow even more if Delph decides to go - which i would imagine is a serious consideration for himself. 

Benteke is going to Liverpool i would imagine. He has said as much himself in the press. 

Who we will get to replace him - god knows. Adebayor on loan may be a short term solution - if we can find a compromise on the wages. Surely Tim can get him scoring 10 + goals a season anyway - so we just need two more players to chip in with 5 + each and we have made up the shortfall (Gabby and Kozak?)

It would be madness for Delph to join Citeh, doesn't he speak to Sinclair?

He is not good enough to play every week in a team like Citeh's, which would have a knock on effect to his chances of playing for England.

As to Benteke joining L'pool yesterday's team with a smug manager playing out of his depth with the big boys. Had he joined when they were a force then ok but these days they are in decline.

We have lost better players than both of them and we will still be here developing the team while they sit on the bench in the northwest.

It was reported when Benteke signed that he thought we were a London team, maybe he thinks Liverpool is closer to London. I thought he wanted CL football, well he isn't going to get that with them.

Looking forward to all these new signing, in keeping with Lamberts policy signing played I have never heard of. Great!

Onwards and upwards without these want aways.

Dead right. Delph and Benteke are valuable to us. But Delph is definitely not a Champions League player. He might become one, but as of now no. In our last two matches he didn't seem to think quick enough, he didn't see options which were there, and other players made moves all for nothing. Benteke also has a lot to learn; he'd probably do well under the right manager like Wenger or Mourinho, but Rogers looked increasingly out of his depth last season.

I'll be disappointed if they go, but if Sherwood does his stuff then Benteke will cease to be the only player who can keep us up anyway.

Here, no offence, but Delph is definitely a Champions League player - more so than Benteke i would imagine -  you always get 7/10 from Delph and sometimes 8 or 9.

You cannot have an England regular and one of the most consistent England players in the last few games, and then say he is not good enough for Champions League.

Delph is better than Milner - and Milner was a pretty important cog for Man City - i would imagine that Delph would fair just as well as him.

In reality though - Liverpool should buy both Delph and Benteke - and then then they would have some team. But anyway. 

We disagree. Put Delph under pressure and he's slow making up his mind, and then usually gives the ball away or does a feeble back pass. Time and time again against Arsenal there were players making the moves and screaming for the ball and he didn't seem aware of them. I was screaming Pass FFS! It's happened in other matches as well. Whereas players like Grealish seem to thrive in such situations Delph doesn't. It was frustrating to watch and I'm sure Sherwood was frustrated.

If Delph went to any one of our CL teams would he be a first choice to play? Maybe only MU. I don't doubt his commitment or effort. Against average or even reasonably good teams he can be very effective. But looking at the quality of players in our CL teams, with the exception of MU I think he'd only be picked when the manager thinks he can afford to rest somebody better.

I may be wrong, but that's how I see it. Give me Milner any day.

You already Saïd. Adebayor and super Mario.... Goals galore

Given out, Bunn in. Seems Given is going to Middlesborough or Stoke, but definitely going. Mark Bunn, 30-year-old goalkeeper, has been signed from Norwich.

Looks like that's the goalkeeping side of things sorted. Guzan stays as number 1. Bunn and Steer as backups. Happy with that.

The Birmingham Mail reports that Delph didn't travel to Portugal.

Maybe Tim waits for that to develop before he gets the new boys in.

oh well. Delph is off. Thats a bit crappy, as i enjoy watching him play football, and will always remember his goal against Chelsea. For those that forgot....

The story is that Delph is staying back because of the imminent birth of offspring. Could be true. The story is also that he turned down the offer of time off because of his international efforts so that he could get some training in before the paternity leave.

Yeah, only read that after i posted. Hopefully that is true, and Delph will stay for at least another season. He does seem a loyal chap - and cementing being an England regular before pursuing a move would be quite wise, in my opinion. 

Delph signing for ManCity tomorrow apparently - so much for loyalty!



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